Happiness is an attitude

Life doesn’t differentiate happy people or sad people. Luck might be something that comes and goes. But being happy or sad is a choice we make. That’s the beauty of our species. What makes me write this is my future book to be on “GET READY TO BE HAPPY” , also in the “wanted list” […]

Eating habits vs Five senses

The vision mission, life’s ambition for every mother is to feed her child to the best satisfactory way. Let me tell you two top secrets about this mother’s ambition 1. The age of the child doesn’t matter, a mother will always want her child to “beta, aur thoda please… “. While I try to reduce […]

The superpower of Observing without Judging

She speaks a lot, she loves to share stories from her life – Observation She is just a talkative piece of annoying crap , who is “useless” and doesnt make sense with her stories – Judgement She modulates well and is also keen in bringing up information about places and people in her stories. Her […]

Once upon a time , there was a little girl

She was as sensitive as a pigeon, as fragile as a glassware, as gentle as a feather. She was too kind so fake people had exploited her kindness. She was too foolish for wicked foxes to make her a prey. She was too innocent hence monster minds made her a pawn in their bigger games. […]