A doctor's life

Sarath had a severe head ache since morning, maybe a bit of fever he suspected. He booked an appointment to consult a doctor. 10.00 AM was his appointment. He was waiting thinking why headache ? “Is it because of office work last night?”, “Maybe the hang over during weekend created some infection”. He checked the time, it was 10.30 AM. He lost his patience and shouted at the nurse for the third time , “how long ? I have cancelled an important meeting to meet this doctor”. The helpless nurse replied, “I am sorry sir, doctor is handling an emergency situation and will be back shortly”. “Hell with you and your doctor”, murmured Sarath, continuing to guess what could have created the head ache. It was 11.00 AM and he was unable to control his temper. He just upgraded his voice from shouting to screaming and did that loud so that he could get some companions who were equally annoyed. “What the hell these doctors do ?”, “they take advantage of such luxury hospitals and dont come on time”, “and later says some excuse”, “will the doctor accept if we go few mins late?”, “The client and revenue of my business might be affected if I miss the meeting today”, “#$%^#@@%” – they continued to crib.
There was a lightening kind of walk, actually rush into the area. Doctor has arrived. He gave a signal to the nurse to start OP. Angry patients were waiting to barge in. There came a man running , panting to breathe and said, “doctor, just one min ! Thanks a lot for saving my mother’s life. This means a lot to our family. She is alive now because of you”. Doctor smiled and hurried back to continue his other patient consultations.  Everyone who cribbed and cursed him just felt shameful for the silly stuffs they were talking about. The nurse got her duty shift and moved to emergency area. She saw a group of people standing and talking great about the same doctor appreciating his consultation and treatments. The nurse started her duty thinking of what and how is a doctor’s life is ….

God bless all the doctors in the world. When we choose medicine as a course after 12th standard, no one realises the commitment and seriousness behind this decision. But not many pursue and continue this profession after they see the kind of tolerance and commitment required. Only few step forward and excel to proceed serving the people. Dont think of business related to doctors ? Who is not business oriented ? You ? Me? Everyone ! But connecting a service oriented career to their business is the art of running a hospital management. While you can accept a 5 Rs bread topped with Rs 10 vegetables and some tomato sauce being sold for Rs 150 in the name of sandwich, I see it wrong to complain on hospital management alone.  Never complain a doctor if you agree on my blog. 

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