A New Dawn – 2022

Nobody is a born leader or a born professional. Here’s a little story about the very known artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso wasn’t a born artist. To be recognized as a renowned artist isn’t a one-stop shop. It requires continuous development, mentoring, and hard work. His life is the perfect example that life isn’t a bed of roses, sometimes you’re ought to walk on the road of thorns to experience how the bed of roses feels like.

Picasso drew compulsively from the age of five, he drew on anything he could get his hands on. Though he had an avid interest he had to scrounge for money in his initial career and wasn’t able to hire professionals and began with representational paintings which were barely appreciated and were criticized on a larger scale.

When he moved to Paris the art capital of Europe from Spain he was having a hard time adjusting to the French language and lived as a penniless artist. When things seemed a bit better his best friend committed suicide which directly influenced the artworks of Picasso where he began to create sombre paintings only in shades of blue. This steered to the withdrawal of his art dealer’s assistance.

Picasso acknowledged defeat and left to Barcelona by leaving his art career behind. A year later, he mustered up his courage and returned to Paris where he kickstarted his art profession. He slowly evolved as the favorite artist of an affluent American heiress. His artworks, later on, got displayed in exhibitions and palaces. At the age of 25, Pablo became the crucial reason for the launch of the cubism art movement and the growth of modern art.

Pablo’s life story might seem like an overnight accomplishment to the naked eye but it took virtually twenty years of hard work and perseverance for him to be the artist that he is recognized now.

A naturally born leader or an artist is a tag given to the people who’ve worked hard. People who are perceived as great leaders were regular people like you and I who worked hard to craft themselves. They were the ones who strolled out of their comfort zones. This new year, let’s stop saying to people that they are a born leader or a born ace rather let’s look at it from a distinct perspective and appreciate them for the hard work they do.

If they can come out of their comfort zones and become who they want to be why can’t you? Instead of judging people let’s self-introspect and become the best version of ourselves. Let’s try to be someone’s reason to smile, let’s strive to spread a little amount of kindness wherever we go. Let’s be the change we wish to see in this world. Every single person on this earth was born with a purpose; you were born with gifts to make a difference in this world. The problem is that we allow society, civilization, the impressions of others to take precedence over our natural proficiency, and as a result, the world never aided from your gifts. Let’s overcome all the difficulties we face together and live for ourselves. No matter how dark the clouds are, the sky is bound to clear after the rains. Everything happens for a reason. Everything that comes, it goes. One day you’ll thank yourself for never giving up.

Happy New Year. Always and forever grateful for everything that’s happening in my life.

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  1. Happy new year…🥳🥳
    Your words makes me visualize a bright dawn 2022🤩🤩
    Let’s cultivate our inner beauty and rise like the Sun😎

  2. Happy New year ashu akka😍in between this was a great post!!

  3. Excellent Ashwini

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