A PINK review

Just like we all know, this a ‘female-oriented’ movie.
“So, must be some feminism topic or women empowerment topic where they show men as worst and women as great”
“One more bakwas movie just singing in chorus for the girls and their asses”
“now what is not there for women ? who is keeping a lady in kitchen ? men don’t create a drama for men freedom but women does all such drama re”
the above are some REAL sample dialogues I have heard from men I know. They are no one but REAL LIFE – Rajveer ( Angad Bedi) shown in the movie. Exactly the scene where Amitabh provokes him with questions about Rajveer’s opinion on women and how he talks about his mother and sister , who are family oriented women and the friends who attend parties with him are sluts. It is a sad fact that today’s world where we women have many men in our life, 90% of them has the same opinion in their mind. “Well, who cares” is the attitude of Minal (Tapsee) a working lady in Delhi, who has a brilliant independent life which includes passionate career, fun friends and lovely parties, until one turned into a mess, where she hit Rajveer with a bottle on his head. Learn to love her braveness throughout the movie.
Pink-Song-1.jpgA girl with short dress, dark lipstick, open hair, lots of smiles, full of fun, staying independent with her friends (Falak and Andrea) might not have got into everyone’s heart , except for the old , retired lawyer Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh) who sees truth into the girl’s eyes and decides to help them.
The courtroom scenes also reveal the unsaid rules by Indians on Indian women – Rule 1 : A women who laughs much can be taken for granted that she invites you for sex , Rule 2 :  A woman who touches you while talking can be taken for granted that she invites you for sex Rule 3 : A woman who drinks with you can be taken for granted that she invites you for sex Rule 4 and goes on….  while all that is agreed, Amitabh asks what did Minal do to tell Rajveer that she is not ok for sex ?  And that is a simple hearing two letter word which describes every woman’s emotions. And that is the word that wins the case too.
Each and every character has played their role excellent way, there is no sympathy gaining effort rather tons of efforts on frankness and practical dialogues. Costume designer has to be appreciated for showing us the colours and characters of each character in the movie with their coats, shorts, ear rings, tattoos, the house where the girls stay. And the emotional touch about Amitabh’s wife is also thin line display. In the movie, Taapse Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Tariang has lived the life of today’s modern women , amazing performance ladies.
PINK – the colour is so clear with no strains, no added dramas, no masalas, no unwanted dialogues – crystal clear attempt to show modern women’s situation in our country. A bottle bang on forehead to everyone who are opinion makers about other women. 

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