Abundance – A problem ?

One tiny house / villa, with a nice garden. Adequate space and neat natural environment around. A closer office, family with less options to disengage from family time, a simple life, where you can sit in the balcony, sipping on your tea, living the moment, inhaling happiness instead of pollution !

Oh! that true friend whose shoulders has a magic for the problem. That gang of 3 to 5 friends who bring out the madness within. One social media to enjoy the bigger world.

How many of you would like to have this lifestyle ? I will consider this as a jackpot. But, this is not an imaginary life for humans. This used to be normal life in previous generations. I am not talking about 100 years back, rather 3 decades back. Then it made me think what makes us crave for it. Infact what top class resorts offer in their premium package is a closer to this lifetsyle. So, why not now? Yes, yes, we spoiled.. The folks started spoiling over decades. But then there is another problem.

ABUNDANCE : Of products, Of Options, Of Resources, Of Varities, Of jobs, Of People, Of Power, Of Relationships etc. The dustbins in my apartment are placed outside houses by 8.30 AM and when I step out, I see all dustbins completely full, three per house (red , green and white) Now I think of my childhood scenario. Little onion peels and kitchen waste, daily sprinkle of dust on floor – This used to be the bowl of content in our dustbin. Today there is food wastage, package boxes all over, dabbas and dabbas of online orders, old items being disposed, broken pencils, sketch pens without lids, return gifts used and broken in couple of days, half broken key chains and a lot of ewaste too.

Eco-abundance – Just look around your house, what all do you think are objects that are not mandatory and just a decor / ad on? It is good to have them, but is 80% of your house filled with not so mandatory stuff ? If so, ask yourself more questions and try finding answers 🙂

Social media – The game of getting likes, sharing posts, judgements, happiness, influences – oh wait, there is a job called influencers and they get paid for it / vouchers too. For being active with many followers and likes in social media. Good thing on abundance. But, the excitement / review / aaw created on every post – is it completely genuine or a little garam masala added as they are now officially “influencers” / becomes a habit ?

Power – What happens at work ? More oppurtunities, more results, lots of access to reach management, more forums to vent out, more connects with other companies – good ? bad ? good for employee , bad for managers? with more power comes more responsibilities, but does more power create more jealousy around, does it cuts the lightness around? Are there more expectations and stages set?

I recently attended a workshop where the tagline was “Less is MORE”. That also made me think, “MORE makes things valued less” – How true. The things lose its value. A person who is being more available is taken for granted. An employee who works a lot is being loaded further more. A free voucher is thrown away. Even more exercise gets harmful.

So, can we start drawing a line and focus of Less and important things around. This might actually be a small little step to a better society, creating better mindset, spreading true love all around. We are supposed to be thankful for the abundance of money, power, people, love in life. But, that is just the thoery, practically, few lines gives a place to survive. Lets draw the lines and stay positive. Cheers

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  1. One of the key tenets and practicing philosophy of several greats and commoners alike in not so distant past (across the world, but more so in the Indian sub-continent) is “Contentment as the cornerstone of Abundance”. Contentment is not giving up in life, nor giving less than your best (in fact a popular saying of true yogis – Yogah karmasu kausalam which translates to – a yogi strives for excellence and yoga should lead to excellence). Contentment is the foundation of excellence and gives a strong base to see clearly (without the shades of comparison, greed and avarice) and in a way is “abundance in possession”. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, please keep writing.

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