Bird and the cage 

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Once there was a bird which was tiny and young. This bird saw other free birds roaming & chirping outside while it was inside a cage. The bird felt sad that it had no freedom & waited to become a free bird one day. There came that ONE day when the cage opened & the bird flew happily out with excitement. After flying with fun, suddenly it felt hungry, it wanted some shade. That is when it realised that until it stayed inside the cage, it always had shelter, food and bowl of water in fact more than what was required. What is the use of realising it after flying out of the cage ? This freebird can never go back to the cage !
Now can you relate to the above situation ? Me as a teenager always wanted to go to hostel , have fun filled life and yes ! after my high school , my parents sent me to hostel. I was so happy & excited just like the little bird when it was out of the cage. Later when I had to wash clothes myself , when there was no one to force me to have food , that’s when I realised what is the impact .
Being independent doesn’t mean only fun. Yes , I just rocked and had super fun with friends during hostel life .. But Also..

  • I did not learn to eat on time myself rather learnt to skip breakfast
  • I did not learn to maintain my hair rather learnt to cut it short
  • I did not learn to be matured staying away from parents rather learnt to miss them & wait for those visitors day !

And I still miss those golden days when I grew up in my cage (home) where I was pampered, nurtured and cared !
IMG_0205For any lady, pregnancy and childbirth brings loads of happiness with new member in family. There is another hidden happy fact that this stage in life gives a woman another chance to stay with her mom for longer duration in life ! Yes, after my high school, I was always a guest to my parents home maximum stayed for 10 days but my childbirth is when I stayed for 2 months together with my mom. And it’s such a wonderful time, a soothing period for the little bird in me, who is missing my cage inside… Never realised all this when I was a 15 yr old little girl wanting to become free bird ..
It pains to accept the fact that after a particular stage in life, only medical reasons makes us stay with parents for longer duration but that is how every generation bird survived !
So a cage is not something that keeps a bird inside iron rods but it’s also acasa.jpg place where care is available abundantly . In a girl’s life , home is where we have protection and care not just the place where we are controlled ! It is a place where we feel the magic of warmth and shelter.
This blog gave me nice memories of my childhood period at my secure cage, am sure it gave you those sweet memories of your childhood too !!! 🙂
Don’t miss to watch the youtube video of #MagicOfWarmth here

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