Box of memories 

 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 
How come blogadda knew this topic will make me smile… the title is “life is a box of…, ” 
I thought – surprises ? Happiness ? Challenges ? Realisation ? Experience ? Nah ! Let me think what my life box is full of !? 
The little drizzles anytime brings me the memories of me , the little girl dancing in rain. Those chocolates bring me the memories of how I forget everything and immerse myself into the pool of chocolate ! 
But wait… 
These are memories… the box has more memories .. Memories which we never realised when they happen but as we walked off , grew up, tore apart, only then we even knew they became a memory! Every place we go, every road we walk, every dress we wear, every car we drive… let it be together or alone ! It leaves a patch of memory ! A beautiful memory …  
We can plan for future , we can aim for a dream, we can achieve for establishments…. but what comes unplanned and sweet are those which become memories ! What actually this future gives us is a big box of memories gift wrapped nice and neat ! Every time when we need the energy, every time when we feel lost, every time when we feel the pain, every time when we need a shoulder, the gift wrapper unwraps and the box of memory pops up to give that smile … Few mins memory can make you time travel back to the days and that is only when you realise how special your life had been ! 
Take your life forward with the trust that this box of memories will always come to put you the smile and give you the hug during tough times too… 
As I write this blog, I smile as I relived the memories in a glance … Thankyou blogadda 🙂 

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