Break the Silence #1

Just like most of the Indian family scenarios, Niyati and her sister in law did not have a great rapport. They exchanged forced conversations during family gatherings and faked smiles when they had to. And just like every family, she had her reasons for the ego, and her sister in law had her side of reasons. So, honestly, no one could get into the debate or try to think who is right. Niyati is someone who got married at a very early age and before she could absorb the fact of being a queen of the house, a wife with responsibilities, she became a mother. She knew the hassles of someone who became a mother at the age of 20. “Weren’t they too much in a hurry to get pregnant?”, “I think she got pregnant before marriage, so they got her married”, “These days, the girls are desparate than the guys”, “What does she even know about raising a kid?” – Niyati’s ears and heart was torn bit by bit by these kind of comments from relatives, friends and the so-called “society“. And being a new mom, trying to discover who she was, dealing with medical conditions post delivery, experiencing the midnight cries and food-time poops by her newborn, she had enough stress mentally, physically, emotionally. And she was ALL ALONE dealing with this.

Its been ten years now and with every comment, every blame, she grew into a stronger woman. And she has her own tough people to handle, like her sister in law. But today, what happened was very brave of Niyati. Her sister in law Sheela had been married for 5 years and has not conceived yet. So, the same society which broke Niyati’s heart for becoming a young mom, starting breaking Sheela with “there should be problem with her definitely”, “I think their marriage is not a happy one”, “she does not know how to handle her husband at bed”, “she must be drinking and partying a lot, then how will harmones work” – Sheela was broken. One such day, after some ‘not important but always pokes the nose’ neighbourhood aunty gave a free advice to Sheela, that evening in their balcony, Sheela was sitting alone with tears rolling down and she was clearly frustrated. Niyati noticed this.

She ofcourse had her ego clash with Sheela. She also knew the level of respect does not exist mutually. But who cares. Strong women don’t fall for negativity that pulls their life down. They know when to #breakthesilence. As Niyati stepped closer to Sheela, Sheela tried to hide her tears and carried a fake strong face. Niyati placed her palm on Sheela’s shoulders. She was shocked. She also hated if Niyati is going to feel pity and give her share of advice. With a confused yet eyebrows-raised look, Sheela looked at Niyati. “To hell with that aunty. Shouldn’t we punch her face”, asked Niyati with her witty courageous tone. Sheela broke into laughter. She clearly did not expect this. “I hate to face the world with this title of ‘she does not have a kid‘”, Sheela also took her step on #breakingthesilence. Niyati said, “Society is the bullshit stuck on your shoes which is just a stinky annoying thing to throw away. You have no idea what they told when I became a mom at an young age“, Niyati carried her “yeah, thats me” attitude. Sheela’s eyes were wide and surprised to hear that Niyati had also faced such troubles. She always thought it was only she who had problems from society and family to deal with.

They started talking and after that, they certainly did not become thick friends (oh, please, this is not Bollywood movie). They carried their space, they maintained their distance with difference. But, they knew, there are times when they can stand for each other, Stronger women are always more powerful beyond their ego and issues.

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