Saree-gama Know Your Colour

In this blog, I am not going to pick one particular saree and show your different styles. Instead I am here to speak of a journey of discovering which color suits me more when it comes to saree. How do I know my color when it comes to saree ? Most of you would be […]

Saree-gama Knitted jute plain saree

What should I fall in love with ? The beautiful peach color of this saree? or the graceful look if the plain saree with mild golden border ? Or the knitted jute material ? Or chance to keep re-designing the look with any accessory or blouse, plain sarees give us an extra freedom to be […]

Saree-gama grandmother’s saree

Usually festive season is also a shopping season. But this 2020’s festive season, I thought of making it special by choosing to wear my grandmother’s saree ( which she was wearing for my parent’s wedding ) wow a 4 decade old saree.. And I miss her a lot, so this saree gives a wonderful feel […]

Saree-gama Karishma cotton purple

Let me start by telling you the cost of this saree. It is a Rs 600 saree that mom got for me which has a rich purple colour and brilliant border with full mustard borders. The minute I saw the combo, I decided to go for a sleeveless and collared blouse. I stitched this blouse […]

Saree-gama Fabric vs Feel

Since my previous post was about a beautiful black cotton saree, and I explicitly mentioned it is a soft cotton. Many of the readers had a query or rather a belief in a myth which says cotton sarees usually are not soft, what do you mean by soft cotton ? So this blog is probably […]

Saree-gama Black Bestie

Black as a color itself, carries “style”. So, wearing anything black would naturally pep up your style. So, what is to be focussed is, how your ‘personal style’ can be flavored along with the black saree. In today’s Saree-gama post, I have taken a pure soft(est) cotton saree which is in black. It wraps and […]

The superpower of Observing without Judging

She speaks a lot, she loves to share stories from her life – Observation She is just a talkative piece of annoying crap , who is “useless” and doesnt make sense with her stories – Judgement She modulates well and is also keen in bringing up information about places and people in her stories. Her […]

The stress on dresscode

Deepa’s biggest nightmare was to wear saree. As she lay awake on her bed that day, she recollected all her encounters with a saree. It was always painful. She wondered why people love sarees. Though she accepts it as one of the traditional wears, she didn’t like wearing one. Just that she was not comfortable. […]

The Traveller life

Clock ticks 6 am and am not sure about the Sun but the alarm keeps throwing a bad noise into our ears. We wake up, after 3 snoozes. Every 15 minutes there is an alarm for brushing, milk, bathing, breakfast, school bus, deadline etc.. No, it’s not a very tensed morning but a time- scheduled […]