Necessity : Mother of INVENTION & Self Discovery

I am going to wear a lens and see the current scenario differently. There are multiple online workshops / video challenges that are happening now. “I never had time to organise my kitchen loft, I always wanted to plan regular gardening, our team wanted to prepare a detailed document on XYZ but we never could prioritise […]

Leadership : business, employees, development

Incident 1 : I met a friend yesterday where we discussed about his team. He said he needs his team to take charge of the business and infact the business needs them, as they are experts on their domains. The challenge is to be a leader who pleases all these different characters and motivate them […]

Discover Durga within

I am not perfect! In the journey of trying to be perfect, I have missed living many days in my little life. So, I tried to pause the attempts, breathe and opened my eyes to look who I am and to feel proud of. I have a wheatish skin tone, fuzzy hair, had been on […]

The psychology hunt

I was bad to him! My eight year old lovely son, who is prompt in studies, well behaved, who listens to us. But today when I found his repeated mistakes on his homework, I was harsh, I was the typical monster mommy. I threatened to pinch him next time. He cried, he was scared, he […]

Strategy for happiness

As I was planning many promo activities for my second book, a friend asked, “so u have to do all this for sales and profit etc right? It’s good you have a strategy” and I thought for a while. Yes, there is a strategy, there is a series I am planning on #seedofmarriage. There are […]

Review on the book ‘Get Ready My Love’..

The curiosity to buy the book is from the cover page. A practical depiction of the title “GET READY MY LOVE”. As I was reading the book, I could understand how important the simple elements (chapter names) are in a marriage and how easily couple get into misunderstanding because of missing the key factor. The […]

The angry mother nature

I had told my kids not to throw away toys after playing. I had always highlighted the value of money and not to waste their stuffs. As usual, one evening I saw every toy spread and their room messy. I lost my temper. Gave a bad dosage couple of beatings too. My little kids got […]

Dedicated to dear Sridevi'S family

It is 4 days since the sad news happened and I have not had a single conversation with anyone without talking about “hey did u hear about Sridevi’S death”.. It’s a national R. I. P moment. And yes, the first day when they announced that it was a cardiac arrest, those stupid posts on advice […]

The hundred little flames of light

I logged in to indiblogger site after long time. And after 5 mins of browsing, I noticed this contest / drive and the title was very catchy #Ahundredlittleflames. It is a contest for the book recently published by Author Preeti Shenoy. The trailer was very impressive.  And here I am, recalling those little flames in […]

A for advice…. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, even the physical strains are sweet troubles. But there is only one real torture during pregnancy time. The ADVICE we received 360 degree. The minute people hear  you are pregnant, they try to share tips out of joy and as well wishers. But as weeks pass by, you realize that, […]