Leadership : business, employees, development

Incident 1 : I met a friend yesterday where we discussed about his team. He said he needs his team to take charge of the business and infact the business needs them, as they are experts on their domains. The challenge is to be a leader who pleases all these different characters and motivate them […]

Ego, Power, Passion : The Career Triangle

Career is part of our life. Though family might be the first priority for most of us, the maximum time we spend on our life is on our career, so it has its own influence in our behavior and character. Let me introduce the career triangle , which is an inverted triangle, keep thinking why […]

A for advice…. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, even the physical strains are sweet troubles. But there is only one real torture during pregnancy time. The ADVICE we received 360 degree. The minute people hear  you are pregnant, they try to share tips out of joy and as well wishers. But as weeks pass by, you realize that, […]

Friendship or Professionalism? 

I had an interesting conversation with few colleagues and also few friends who are not colleagues about this topic.  Have classified them into 7 scenarios or characteristics..  One of my very jovial friend, she said she doesn’t even have a single friend at office, she doesn’t take an effort to bring the other side of […]

I wish.. I always wish.. 

 Sometimes I wish I was born in a generation which was blended with nature and not technology. I wish I wake up with the sound of a bird chirping me that the sun’s rays have kissed the sleeping world and time for us to wake up. I wish the first thing I see outside my […]

Mode of Communication

Communication is a key thing for every relationship, intact it is also one key factor that gives an opinion about you. ‘She is a sweet person, she is arrogant, he is intelligent, he is such a flirt’ – all these titles you get are based on how to communicate. While I am not here to […]