Review on the book ‘Get Ready My Love’..

The curiosity to buy the book is from the cover page. A practical depiction of the title “GET READY MY LOVE”. As I was reading the book, I could understand how important the simple elements (chapter names) are in a marriage and how easily couple get into misunderstanding because of missing the key factor. The […]

A man's career

It is almost an un-documented fact that the man in the family has to work to earn for living. The woman in the family need / need not work, based on the family’s financial needs and her interest. But, her work is to take care of the family – from cooking till cleaning. That is […]

Cute photo story #13 Can men be beautiful ?

Mitra was in high school. Prerna , her best friend was very disturbed after the English class, where the teacher pointed a mistake she wrote. She had mentioned, “that man was beautiful”. “Prerna, beautiful is a word coined to describe beautiful, because it is a composition of love, affection, elegance, pride and being pretty. Men are […]

Cute Photo Story #12 Ushhh !!!!

Seeing the statue, the little girl ran nearby and stood asking her dad to click a pic. “Give some pose dear”, said daddy, all ready with his camera. “Hmm.. well, what is he doing ?”, little madam queried more details. “His job is to lift the globe, and he is busy with his work, thats […]

Cute Photo Story #8 The sperm donor

My colleague was always a high performer at office. Her sudden dull performance showed some major stress and I visited her also to meet her second child – new born. She cribbed to me about the kind of work load she has at home and her husband, who is in a similar job, never offers […]

Cute Photo Story #7 The correct answer

Swara was enjoying at her native place. While playing in the garden, she overheard someone telling “All I want in my life is happiness”. Immediately the little curious girl got a question in her mind. She ran to her mother and asked, “ma, what is happiness?”. Mom replied, “Everyone has different things that makes them […]

Cute Photo Story #5 The family tree

Uncle stood for a solo pic before the tree and asked his son to click. “Dad .. This is the most boring background you can choose ” , grumbled his son. “This is such a dead tree with no leaves, only branches, come that side near the lawn, full of green”, he said. Uncle gave […]

Cute Photo Story#1 Phone and Camera

Angry mommy running to snatch the phone and scold her son who is playing with it. The husband who knows how to save his son, just took the camera and called her and said “Darling, ready 1 2 3” and there she poses .. Oh yes, the son finished the game.  

The first hug

I don’t remember how, when and all.. might be immediately  after I was born or few hours later… But I can recollect the feel of it, the warmth, the first secured feeling, my father’s first hug to me. He would have held me so safe and carefully holding my neck and body with his both hands, he […]

Thank MEN on Women's day !

Womanhood is special ! A working woman is not called successful, a stay at home mom is not called successful, a mother doing everything for her kids is not called successful, a wife  who keeps caring for her husband is not called successful, a lady who pursues is not called successful, a girl who chases […]