Saree-gama Black Bestie

Black as a color itself, carries “style”. So, wearing anything black would naturally pep up your style. So, what is to be focussed is, how your ‘personal style’ can be flavored along with the black saree. In today’s Saree-gama post, I have taken a pure soft(est) cotton saree which is in black. It wraps and […]

Simple Seven Tips : Fashion is common sense

One of my “dream” job , especially in teens was to become a fashion designer and I never could pursue it. Sometimes I used to feel bad about it, but slowly I started realising that fashion is in our attitude, it is not buying the trendy clothes at stores – rather it is much much […]

To the next gen IRAIVI

It is 4 and half months since “IRAIVI” movie got released. The movie had multiple reviews including positive and negative comments. This was definitely not upto the mark of Jigarthanda and Pizza, not a Kartik Subburaj authentic one. But, what is nice about the movie ? The message is “oh lady, don’t depend on men, live […]

A PINK review

Just like we all know, this a ‘female-oriented’ movie. “So, must be some feminism topic or women empowerment topic where they show men as worst and women as great” “One more bakwas movie just singing in chorus for the girls and their asses” “now what is not there for women ? who is keeping a […]

That Lost Thing by every woman

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ “Every woman lost, loses and will lose something ? Whats that ?” Does this question come to your mind ? “Maybe her childhood? , Maybe her parents?, Maybe her soft toys?” – Are you guessing ? “NO” is my answer. Childhood […]

Sewing fun : pant from pants for kids 

The problem with buying expensive clothes for kids is that they grow fast and the dresses don’t fit.. A veryperfect example of this issue is buying full pants for new born , the pricing starts fro 100rs and ranges up to 500rs however they can be used only till 3 months . While I had […]

IDMF : South Indian Saree style

This is my first post on IDMF Series : I Define My Fashion. I am a typical girl who loves dressing up and trying out different fashion styles. So, thought of starting a series of blogs where I share my own fashion styles. According to me, “There is no thumb rule for fashion statement, each […]