Kaala : Ranjith's movie again Rajni : the director's hero again

Rajnikanth is superstar for his fans for his style and mass. But Rajnikanth is super star for the directors because he is a director’s hero. That is how his career started. Though his fame is at a different level now, he was K. Balachander’s Pandiyan in Aboorva Ragangal, his first movie Bharathiraja’s Parattai in padhinaru […]

Cute Photo Story#3 Who am I ?

They made fun of her. Fun on what ever she spoke or what ever she did. She felt extremely frustrated and irritated. She wanted to shout at them that she is not a joker, not a clown, not a fool, not a loser. She wanted to slap them and become a monster, an arrogant lady […]

Reusage of baby clothes :1

As my little one grows and those lovely dresses we got for her are not fitting her anymore, my mind keeps thinking of ways to use those dresses which are still fresh and hardly used few times.. So, today’s ideas plus previous (water bottle cover) A onesies into a top, a skirt into a baby […]

Sewing fun : pant from pants for kids 

The problem with buying expensive clothes for kids is that they grow fast and the dresses don’t fit.. A veryperfect example of this issue is buying full pants for new born , the pricing starts fro 100rs and ranges up to 500rs however they can be used only till 3 months . While I had […]

Crib side cushions

My little one is 4 months now and she started cycling and trying to move and topple. The corners of the crib are strong wood and might hurt her when she hits. The online stores had awesome pillows to place around however the cost was rs 1000 minimum and I found that’s too much but […]

Is she always happy ?

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’  So, you see me posting about a party , next week about my shopping, the week after about my kid’s medal from school. Oh, next is my foreign trip. Wait !Its not over ! Later you see me getting nostalgic with […]

Kids photo prop3 : matching headband

I love my brain for striking this idea 🙂 my friend gifted this pretty Goan frock for my princess and I wanted to make a matching headband. it’s  not so easy to get exact matching that’s when I noticed those 2 ropes tied to the hips which we are supposed to tie behind. I hardly […]

What can be better this New Year ?

Answer the blanks… Its a lovely new year ! But, would be great if… Is there anyone who has no points to fill those blanks ? All of us can think of what can be better, what was missing this new year? How to make it nicer etc.. We are humans and its not easy to get […]

Kids Photoshoot Props 2 : Sunflower

Every stage of the child has a limitation for photoshoots. Infants has to be carefully handled as their neck is not stable. As they grow , the props and theme should be chosen that suits their activities. Eg : Its not easy to do Sunflower pic with a toddler. There is one thumb rule for a […]

Make ur own cradle toys 

I wanted some bright coloured cradle toys for my little one . It has to be hanging type . Not heavy object. Not fur material as it attracts dust. Many mother will think of all such requirements considering baby’s safety . None of the online shopping sites served my requirement nor could I go for […]