Simple Seven Tips : Summer holiday ideas for little ones

One side of heart jumps saying yipiiee yipiiee holiday time. No scheduled time to wake up or evening study time, or packing lunch, assignments etc. Other side of the heart beats faster for parents, “aaw how am I gonna handle and match this little one’s excitement and energy?” And then confusion occurs : Should I […]

Cute Photo Story #20 Her happy playtime

Preet adores her little girl Sanju. The little one is the happy princess of her brilliant queen mommy. And every evening, what is MUST-TO-DO in Preet’s agenda is, to take her girl to her favourite play area. That evening too – she admired her cutie pie playing happily in the play area. “Look at her […]

Cute photo story#2 : The innocent guilt

  She  is scared ! She is guilty ! Last night dad told a moral story that when u do bad things for others , you will get it back The little one had chicken and she saw the hen came inside the chart … What if chicken comes and bites him ? Yes she […]

Cute Photo Story#1 Phone and Camera

Angry mommy running to snatch the phone and scold her son who is playing with it. The husband who knows how to save his son, just took the camera and called her and said “Darling, ready 1 2 3” and there she poses .. Oh yes, the son finished the game.  

Crib side cushions

My little one is 4 months now and she started cycling and trying to move and topple. The corners of the crib are strong wood and might hurt her when she hits. The online stores had awesome pillows to place around however the cost was rs 1000 minimum and I found that’s too much but […]

Kids photo prop3 : matching headband

I love my brain for striking this idea 🙂 my friend gifted this pretty Goan frock for my princess and I wanted to make a matching headband. it’s  not so easy to get exact matching that’s when I noticed those 2 ropes tied to the hips which we are supposed to tie behind. I hardly […]

Kids Photoshoot Props 2 : Sunflower

Every stage of the child has a limitation for photoshoots. Infants has to be carefully handled as their neck is not stable. As they grow , the props and theme should be chosen that suits their activities. Eg : Its not easy to do Sunflower pic with a toddler. There is one thumb rule for a […]