Necessity : Mother of INVENTION & Self Discovery

I am going to wear a lens and see the current scenario differently. There are multiple online workshops / video challenges that are happening now. “I never had time to organise my kitchen loft, I always wanted to plan regular gardening, our team wanted to prepare a detailed document on XYZ but we never could prioritise […]

A for advice…. 

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, even the physical strains are sweet troubles. But there is only one real torture during pregnancy time. The ADVICE we received 360 degree. The minute people hear  you are pregnant, they try to share tips out of joy and as well wishers. But as weeks pass by, you realize that, […]

An outing of fun and nature with no expense 

“What? How is this possible being in Bangalore? Where can we enjoy without spending a penny? ” is that what’s going on in your mind too?  One dinner conversation when me and hubby were talking about parenting, we spoke on list of childhood experiences our kids are missing that we have as previous memories. So […]

I wish.. I always wish.. 

 Sometimes I wish I was born in a generation which was blended with nature and not technology. I wish I wake up with the sound of a bird chirping me that the sun’s rays have kissed the sleeping world and time for us to wake up. I wish the first thing I see outside my […]

From mobile addiction to technology amazement 

Series of related incidents in last few weeks triggered me to pen down this blog.. Facts and possibilities!  A month back I tried whatsapp de addiction by Un-installing whatsapp, eventually I was more active on Facebook those days. So I decided not to use my phone for couple of days and I kinda succeeded I […]

10th year work anniversary 

I aimed to be a pediatrician  I dreamt to be a fashion designer  I got selected as an computer engineer C++ my Brain loved Java my training happened  Mainframe project is what I got After all these experiments is when I realized that this is not my cup of tea.. I am good at people […]

Women power or Gender stereotype? 

This blog is post Navarathri effect I would say. Three incidents that triggered my thought process to write this blog I was conducting a session for young working girls on future aspirations, work and life. While I asked a question “how many of u believe in women power” everyone proudly raised their hands Except one. […]

Charlie Chaplin – Children's day special

My father had showed me many of Charlie Chaplin’s movies and shows during my childhood. While I always laughed and enjoyed, I also wondered why this man takes so much effort to make others laugh ? What is he earning by that ? As I grew older, I started reading his quotes and his passion […]

Rape is not the end

Till I was 29 years, I had always thought that once a female is rapped she will be dead. That is what I have seen in movies, that is what I have read in newspapers, that is what I have seen society talking. Only while  Leslee Udwin had made her documentary on Delhi rape case – India’s […]

A woman's career

It is almost an un-documented fact that the man in the family has to work to earn for living. The woman in the family need / need not work, based on the family’s financial needs and her interest. But, her work is to take care of the family – from cooking till cleaning. That is […]