Eating habits vs Five senses

The vision mission, life’s ambition for every mother is to feed her child to the best satisfactory way. Let me tell you two top secrets about this mother’s ambition 1. The age of the child doesn’t matter, a mother will always want her child to “beta, aur thoda please… “. While I try to reduce […]

The psychology hunt

I was bad to him! My eight year old lovely son, who is prompt in studies, well behaved, who listens to us. But today when I found his repeated mistakes on his homework, I was harsh, I was the typical monster mommy. I threatened to pinch him next time. He cried, he was scared, he […]

Simple Seven Tips : Avoid mistakes that stop your kid's creativity

From the month of March, our WhatsApp and facebook gets bombarded with summer camp, varieties of activities, various creative programs for kids and we, as parents start choosing from the catalogue. This year, for a change, we decided no summer camp and to send kids to native place (a small town in Tamilnadu) to their […]

Simple Seven Tips : Summer holiday ideas for little ones

One side of heart jumps saying yipiiee yipiiee holiday time. No scheduled time to wake up or evening study time, or packing lunch, assignments etc. Other side of the heart beats faster for parents, “aaw how am I gonna handle and match this little one’s excitement and energy?” And then confusion occurs : Should I […]

An outing of fun and nature with no expense 

“What? How is this possible being in Bangalore? Where can we enjoy without spending a penny? ” is that what’s going on in your mind too?  One dinner conversation when me and hubby were talking about parenting, we spoke on list of childhood experiences our kids are missing that we have as previous memories. So […]

Simple Seven Tips : For the new dads

Fatherhood is the stage that brings you bundle of joy along with responsibilities together. This is the stage where you get transformed, you see the sweetest personality inside you. The strong man who is brave for any kind of wild forms on Earth will be soft hearted and become as gentle as a feather while […]

Cute photo story #16 The mommy's tea

It was a nice weather, post rain. All I wanted was a fresh ginger tea . I went into the kitchen, boiled water, added some aromatic tea leaves, minced ginger well and added juicy pieces to the boiling tea syrup . I was carefully looking for the flavour to come and then added milk enjoying […]

Simple Seven Tips : The art of breastfeeding

The art of breastfeeding ! Yes, it is not a medical term, it is not just a verb. Breastfeeding is special, it is an emotion. It is an art ! And every woman while she transforms into a mother, gets into learning phase of this art. It is an art to be felt and appreciated […]

Why to share the load ?

#1 The husband had a hectic day , all he wanted was a nice tight sleep. He was very disturbed by the noise of vessels. His wife who had come from office, was arranging the cleaned vessels back in the kitchen. The noise gave him a headache. He angrily came out from the bedroom to the […]

Reusage of baby clothes :1

As my little one grows and those lovely dresses we got for her are not fitting her anymore, my mind keeps thinking of ways to use those dresses which are still fresh and hardly used few times.. So, today’s ideas plus previous (water bottle cover) A onesies into a top, a skirt into a baby […]