Photo story 34 : The hero

He was bored, he wanted to be heroic. That’s mostly understandable with teens and their harmones. He bunked the classes and was escaping off to the beach side walk. Who will tolerate the annoying attitude of their chemistry teacher ? Why should he put up with the free advice shared by the English sir ? […]

Cute Photo Story 33 : The little girl

They had a tired week. A week full of hectic work schedule and home full of relatives and formalities. All three of them were tired. They wanted to cheer the mood. Out of all the three, the mother was very exhausted and very much tired. They went around the park to lighten up and suddenly […]

Cute photo story #32 The single parent

He dreamt for a happy family until hr has to be a single parent for his 4 year old daughter. He handles the feeding, teaching, friendship, guide all roles and pampering giving the warmth of a mother also. There had been days when he learns the art and craft to dress up the little one […]

Cute photo story #31 The Rude King

He was a very strict father. Not just in parenting, in general, people have hardly seen him smile. Oh, for that matter of fact, he has hardly smiled. Only his closed ones have seen the sensitive and cheerful side of him To others, he is a Hitler. He enforces his rules to everyone. He doesn’t […]

Cute photo story #30  The complaint

Mommy comes to pick Sharan from daycare by 5 pm mostly, today she was ten minutes late. She looked tensed too. She did not have her regular “how was your day” conversation while driving back. After reaching home, she looked exhausted. Sharan was 6 years, so he could understand that mom did not have a […]

Cute photo story #29 Smiles of hope 

Her little hardwork was gone, she tries her level best to save money for her son, but she is so unfortunate to be the wife of a drunkard who finds the money where ever it is placed. The evening when her money was lost, she knew her husband would come drunk that night. And it […]

Cute photo story #28 My son 

He always wanted a son. Not for many reasons but a cute reason that a son would be little reflection of him. Sedhu is very good, he knew he could be a very good father, a guide and a friend to his son. Since Sedhu lost his father when he was three years old, he […]

Cute photo story #27 Fog and Flu 

Do we all remember the first time we experienced a fog or a cold breeze on our face? Try to recall it vaguely. Just like everyone, she also was surprised beautifully to experience the unexpected kiss from the cold breeze and covered by fog around. It felt extremely different, she was shivering one side yet […]

Cute photo story #25 : Mother and child 

Motherhood is a bliss , from being a little girl , she became a woman , with lots of responsibilities. And once she became a mother, her kids are her life, their favourite food for breakfast is more important than her morning sleep. She can skip her best friend’s wedding to help her little one […]