Saree gama : Pom pom sarees

This beautiful soft cotton material is something that just made me fall in awe with the texture. My mom is my saree shopping partner, we discuss and discuss and research about every saree in length before buying. This saree is something I was very dicey about buying because of the pom poms. ” Mom, what […]

Saree-gama Starts

I am a fan of dressing up and presenting good, after experiencing a flavour of varieties in fashion, my heart anytime goes to THE best Indian attire, “SAREE”. An attire that would perfectly suit any occasion, and an absolute professional wear for office , a costume that brings elegance to the woman wearing it. I […]

IDMF : South Indian Saree style

This is my first post on IDMF Series : I Define My Fashion. I am a typical girl who loves dressing up and trying out different fashion styles. So, thought of starting a series of blogs where I share my own fashion styles. According to me, “There is no thumb rule for fashion statement, each […]