Abundance – A problem ?

One tiny house / villa, with a nice garden. Adequate space and neat natural environment around. A closer office, family with less options to disengage from family time, a simple life, where you can sit in the balcony, sipping on your tea, living the moment, inhaling happiness instead of pollution ! Oh! that true friend […]

Simple seven tips : Managing passion, priorities and time

When I introduce as a blogger, author, working mother, standup comedian, dancer, motivational speaker, people usually ask me “where do you have time?” sometimes I wonder too. Because back home, I am a lazy person who loves to ly down on my swing and my husband has to insist me atleast 5 times to get […]

Simple Seven Tips : Avoid mistakes that stop your kid's creativity

From the month of March, our WhatsApp and facebook gets bombarded with summer camp, varieties of activities, various creative programs for kids and we, as parents start choosing from the catalogue. This year, for a change, we decided no summer camp and to send kids to native place (a small town in Tamilnadu) to their […]

Simple Seven Tips : Fashion is common sense

One of my “dream” job , especially in teens was to become a fashion designer and I never could pursue it. Sometimes I used to feel bad about it, but slowly I started realising that fashion is in our attitude, it is not buying the trendy clothes at stores – rather it is much much […]

Simple Seven Tips : Summer holiday ideas for little ones

One side of heart jumps saying yipiiee yipiiee holiday time. No scheduled time to wake up or evening study time, or packing lunch, assignments etc. Other side of the heart beats faster for parents, “aaw how am I gonna handle and match this little one’s excitement and energy?” And then confusion occurs : Should I […]

Simple seven tips : Birthday ideas for him

So, my birthday blog series continues, today’s focus is my expert area.. Birthday ideas for him. Coming from a very expressive family, I always planned his birthdays like some project work, with passion of course. Sometimes it was a shock for him, sometimes weird, sometimes unbelievable but mostly enjoyable ones. With all that trial and […]

Simple seven tips : Birthday ideas for kids

Even though many people don’t prioritize their birthdays or their spouse / friends birthdays, kids birthdays are definitely special for all of us. The joy and innocent smiles of birthday babies… They don’t want diamonds and cars to wow them.. Balloons flying and jumping to catch it.. Their name on chart papers hanged on the […]

Simple Seven Tips : How to handle harassment at workplace 

Harassment is harassment ! It can happen at a public place, within a family , with neighbours , with office  too. But the difference is , frequency of general office harassments are very high and we need proof , we have to fight a lot spoiling our own peace of mind to react !  Any […]

Simple Seven Tips : To be a supportive boss for working mothers in your team

“This is too much ! You can’t be biased on your team member ? If working mothers gets all such special attention, then what about the spinsters ? Bachelors ? Men? Aint we supposed to get a supportive boss too ? ” – this might be your question too. Trust me, working mothers are different […]

Simple Seven Tips : Go Digital or No Digital ?

The Tamil Vijay TV famous Neeya Naana show on 08th Jan’2017 was about gadget gurus who love to buy and get addicted on latest gadgets , using all possible app throughout the days Vs those who do not support this and wish to be gadget free addiction free happy humans. The gadget addicts were so […]