Mental Health Balance Checklist on your routine

Today is World Mental Health Day. The 10 years old kid in me would send “Happy birthday Nithya”, to my best friend to pull her legs and giggle. But the lady I am now, facing arrows every day in and out. Those sarcastic statements from folks around, those jealous critics, those who try pulling my […]

Raw Movies are Responsible

Hey guys, I am sorry, for going to be a very old fashioned, boring person who sounds stupid and might over react for either small stuffs or awesome stuffs according to you. But, this is a blog from a simple citizen of 2019, who is also a parent adoring the fact that the next generation […]

Abundance – A problem ?

One tiny house / villa, with a nice garden. Adequate space and neat natural environment around. A closer office, family with less options to disengage from family time, a simple life, where you can sit in the balcony, sipping on your tea, living the moment, inhaling happiness instead of pollution ! Oh! that true friend […]

How to survive the Judgemental Society

I wear saree to work daily. One normal day, casual conversation during pantry walk, a lady from another team casually asked ‘wow, you wear saree daily’. I said I like the Indian attire. After few small talks, she said, “Hmm, see.. matching attires and always freshly dressed. Looks like you don’t have much work in […]

Social media users

The last generation of humans born when social media wasn’t there but now dwelling inside one is we… Gen X. Generations who are born and brought up with social media have a different view. It’s like washing machine and television for the 80s and 90s kids. Casual, normal and no big hungama about it. But, […]

From mobile addiction to technology amazement 

Series of related incidents in last few weeks triggered me to pen down this blog.. Facts and possibilities!  A month back I tried whatsapp de addiction by Un-installing whatsapp, eventually I was more active on Facebook those days. So I decided not to use my phone for couple of days and I kinda succeeded I […]

Let it Go ! Its also LOVE

 After that busy week, Friday evening I ran home “no mobiles, no calls, it is only with him” – I was determined. As I entered, he was ready wearing his gloves, with his cricket bat and ball, ready to play. I asked him, come soon dear, mom wants to play with u. “Its Fridayyy mom, Me […]

How Blue is My Sapphire

11:59 PM : They are making some arrangements for my birthday, thinking that I am peacefully sleeping inside. Only I know what is running in my mind. All of us live with our past. All of us allow it to shape our future.But some of us know how to shrug the past.I think that is […]

IDMF Series : Dress to the stage

IDMF : I Define My Fashion ! Sharing my views on the cover pic. This pic was taken during an inaugural function of Saravana Stores. Two heroes (Jayam Ravi), one lyricist (Man in white Vairamuthu), three heroines (Hansika, Shreya, Tamanna) and in middle stands the owner of the grand Saravana Stores. Now, what made me write […]

Whatsapp uninstall challenge

What ? ” Is it a big deal ? Just a click on uninstall button “, “will go mad without whatsapp”, “Why unnecessarily uninstall”, “It is very imp for me to be in whatsapp”, “Not a big deal” – These were few reactions from my circles when they heard me that I am going to […]