Mental Health Balance Checklist on your routine

Today is World Mental Health Day. The 10 years old kid in me would send “Happy birthday Nithya”, to my best friend to pull her legs and giggle. But the lady I am now, facing arrows every day in and out. Those sarcastic statements from folks around, those jealous critics, those who try pulling my […]

Acceptance : A myth

A 5 year old little came running with curious eyes to her dad, “daddy! I want to make a new sand castle”. And the dad feels so glad, he dreams of his little princess becoming an architect with the kind of interest she showcases on building different types of castles. The same girl becomes 15 […]

The online class teacher

She was just fifteen years old. While the ‘trend’ of career choices during that generation was to choose between becoming a doctor or engineer, Savithri wanted to become a teacher. She was so inspired by all the teachers who made her who she was. They did not just teach subject lessons, but a major part […]

The anti-suicide letter

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE TROUBLED SOULDear whoever needs this,Hi there!I know you’re struggling. Trying really hard to keep up with the shenanigans of the world, people pretending like they’re better than you and sometimes sadly better off without you. I know they mock you for the extra bit of fat. I knowthey call you […]

What is your share to the New Beginning

Did you hear about the hashtag #NewBeginning ? We have started accepting the changes to our lives and society post Corona and this is called as a New Beginning. I am a person who introspects and grows with the results. Three important incidents that has triggered me to bring this blog to you readers. 1.This […]

Once upon a time , there was a little girl

She was as sensitive as a pigeon, as fragile as a glassware, as gentle as a feather. She was too kind so fake people had exploited her kindness. She was too foolish for wicked foxes to make her a prey. She was too innocent hence monster minds made her a pawn in their bigger games. […]

Where is your share of positivity?

“Positivity” “Happiness” “Optimism” – Some words that are synonymous in thedictionary, some synonymous in common parlance. Somehow in today’s worldthere is a relative scarcity of optimism. Why relative, you ask?We live in times when we have everything at the tip of our fingers. Entertainment when we want it, food delivered to our doorsteps, education such […]

Photo story 34 : The hero

He was bored, he wanted to be heroic. That’s mostly understandable with teens and their harmones. He bunked the classes and was escaping off to the beach side walk. Who will tolerate the annoying attitude of their chemistry teacher ? Why should he put up with the free advice shared by the English sir ? […]