Simple seven tips : Managing passion, priorities and time

When I introduce as a blogger, author, working mother, standup comedian, dancer, motivational speaker, people usually ask me “where do you have time?” sometimes I wonder too. Because back home, I am a lazy person who loves to ly down on my swing and my husband has to insist me atleast 5 times to get […]

The psychology hunt

I was bad to him! My eight year old lovely son, who is prompt in studies, well behaved, who listens to us. But today when I found his repeated mistakes on his homework, I was harsh, I was the typical monster mommy. I threatened to pinch him next time. He cried, he was scared, he […]

Human Evolution with KINDNESS

My great grandfather who was a farmer just walked throughout his life. Buying slippers was a big deal for him. But he used to care and nurture his farm and poultry so well. My grandparents who were teachers got their own house and a cycle. Being respected by entire village was a big achievement for […]

The angry mother nature

I had told my kids not to throw away toys after playing. I had always highlighted the value of money and not to waste their stuffs. As usual, one evening I saw every toy spread and their room messy. I lost my temper. Gave a bad dosage couple of beatings too. My little kids got […]

Ego, Power, Passion : The Career Triangle

Career is part of our life. Though family might be the first priority for most of us, the maximum time we spend on our life is on our career, so it has its own influence in our behavior and character. Let me introduce the career triangle , which is an inverted triangle, keep thinking why […]

The hundred little flames of light

I logged in to indiblogger site after long time. And after 5 mins of browsing, I noticed this contest / drive and the title was very catchy #Ahundredlittleflames. It is a contest for the book recently published by Author Preeti Shenoy. The trailer was very impressive.  And here I am, recalling those little flames in […]

An outing of fun and nature with no expense 

“What? How is this possible being in Bangalore? Where can we enjoy without spending a penny? ” is that what’s going on in your mind too?  One dinner conversation when me and hubby were talking about parenting, we spoke on list of childhood experiences our kids are missing that we have as previous memories. So […]

Photo story #26 TEAM 

They were lamps, made from steel, iron or molded from clays. Different lamps from different places, their purpose might be different, the reason they reached the temple might be different. Their prayer might be different.  Few lamps might feel odd in the group, few might not be as bright as the rest.  The beauty is […]

A man's career

It is almost an un-documented fact that the man in the family has to work to earn for living. The woman in the family need / need not work, based on the family’s financial needs and her interest. But, her work is to take care of the family – from cooking till cleaning. That is […]