Black boxed Happiness

Hi Aditi, How are you doing? It’s been long since I heard from you. How is everything going on, work, family? Is your office still after that signal or did you change to the new building? Hope everyone at home is healthy and fine. I wanted to tell you something, my dear. So just thought […]

The art of loving to cook

Important disclaimer : This blog is not about me ­čśÇ Yeah, I do love to cook, I do enjoy cooking, but I really really envy this lady for her passion and art of cooking.┬á I have a friend, well a Punjabi now a Malayali , whom I met as a Hyderabadi. Oh she is in […]

To the next gen IRAIVI

It is 4 and half months since “IRAIVI”┬ámovie got released. The movie had multiple reviews including positive and negative comments. This was definitely not upto the mark of Jigarthanda and Pizza, not a Kartik Subburaj authentic one. But, what is nice about the movie ? The message is “oh lady, don’t depend on men, live […]

Cute Photo Story #14 The Royal mother's kiss

She lifted him in her arms the first time and he smiled , the cutest baby smile she has ever received.She kissed on his forehead expressing her mother’s love. The first time he tried to stand by himself , she just turned back from her chair, noticed this zig zag dancing standing position of her […]

Cute Photo Story #6 Never alone

That was the most depressing day for the lady. She was under a lot of stress, felt lonely. She did not get an emotional support from any of her people around. All were busy, everyone had their world, no one had time to sit and listen to her troubles. Wiping her tears off, she noticed […]

Why to share the load ?

#1┬áThe husband had a hectic day , all he wanted was a nice tight sleep. He was very disturbed by the noise of vessels. His wife who had come from office, was arranging the cleaned vessels back in the kitchen. The noise gave him a headache. He angrily came out from the bedroom to the […]

Reusage of baby clothes :1

As my little one grows and those lovely dresses we got for her are not fitting her anymore, my mind keeps thinking of ways to use those dresses which are still fresh and hardly used few times.. So, today’s ideas plus previous (water bottle cover) A onesies into a top, a skirt into a baby […]

Simple Seven Tips : Level 2 The first milestone

Wow ! Your little have crossed the first quarter to her first birthday ! Isn’t it amazing ? Those dudu times, nappy changes on bed, midnight cries, etc. Wait.. The list is getting extended during the next phase : Level 2 . I call it “The first milestone”. Yes, your baby would be toppling during […]

IDMF : South Indian Saree style

This is my first post on IDMF Series : I Define My Fashion. I am a typical girl who loves dressing up and trying out different fashion styles. So, thought of starting a series of blogs where I share my own fashion styles. According to me, “There is no thumb rule for fashion statement, each […]

Crib side cushions

My little one is 4 months now and she started cycling and trying to move and topple. The corners of the crib are strong wood and might hurt her when she hits. The online stores had awesome pillows to place around however the cost was rs 1000 minimum and I found that’s too much but […]