Being Tigressandbutterfly_Aditi Gupta, Menstrupedia

My mother says she sees a younger version of herself in me. I see a mini-me reflection on my daughter. And this is normal, genetics and blood connection. But seldom you see someone else who is totally not your relation or a close friend but see a younger version, a better version of you. Wish […]

Saree-gama Karishma cotton purple

Let me start by telling you the cost of this saree. It is a Rs 600 saree that mom got for me which has a rich purple colour and brilliant border with full mustard borders. The minute I saw the combo, I decided to go for a sleeveless and collared blouse. I stitched this blouse […]

Acceptance : A myth

A 5 year old little came running with curious eyes to her dad, “daddy! I want to make a new sand castle”. And the dad feels so glad, he dreams of his little princess becoming an architect with the kind of interest she showcases on building different types of castles. The same girl becomes 15 […]

The stress on dresscode

Deepa’s biggest nightmare was to wear saree. As she lay awake on her bed that day, she recollected all her encounters with a saree. It was always painful. She wondered why people love sarees. Though she accepts it as one of the traditional wears, she didn’t like wearing one. Just that she was not comfortable. […]

Black boxed Happiness

Hi Aditi, How are you doing? It’s been long since I heard from you. How is everything going on, work, family? Is your office still after that signal or did you change to the new building? Hope everyone at home is healthy and fine. I wanted to tell you something, my dear. So just thought […]

Not Everything is feminism

I am not writing much on Feminism now a days, and honestly the over zoomed attention on Women Empowerment and the recent hashtags that creates good hungama in social media has made me stay out of it. But today I am writing some experiences and views based on recent incidents. 3 incidents : The Movie […]

Simple Seven Tips : Fashion is common sense

One of my “dream” job , especially in teens was to become a fashion designer and I never could pursue it. Sometimes I used to feel bad about it, but slowly I started realising that fashion is in our attitude, it is not buying the trendy clothes at stores – rather it is much much […]

Can we please celebrate women's day in a better way!

I am sure, just like me all of you would have started receiving and forwarding women’s day messages. And cheers to the shopping industry, they make the best profit in this season. I am sorry if I sound rude, but I get annoyed seeing the messages that say, cheers to women, we have so many […]

10th year work anniversary 

I aimed to be a pediatrician  I dreamt to be a fashion designer  I got selected as an computer engineer C++ my Brain loved Java my training happened  Mainframe project is what I got After all these experiments is when I realized that this is not my cup of tea.. I am good at people […]