Charlie Chaplin – Children's day special

My father had showed me many of Charlie Chaplin’s movies and shows during my childhood. While I always laughed and enjoyed, I also wondered why this man takes so much effort to make others laugh ? What is he earning by that ? As I grew older, I started reading his quotes and his passion about making others laugh. We all know that “Laughter is the best medicine on Earth”.
So, couple of years back, while the little kids in my apartment kept asking me, “Narmadha aunty, will you do something for us on children’s day , just like how they do in school?”, immediately this man , this great man Charlie Chaplin striked my mind. I dressed up like him and surprised them in the Apartment party hall. I did the same this year too. The widening of those little eyes as they see me, the curves that come once they see my smile – it is a pleasure to witness and divinely to be the reason for that excitement.

Kids started pulling the moustache, taking the head, laughed till their stomach hurt. Do you know who was the most happiest person that day ? “ME” , the person who made so many kids and adults laugh. All I did was ‘unlearnt’ maturity that stops us from being casual sometimes.

  • I bowed them a good morning instead of good evening – they laughed
  • I sat while the chair was not placed properly – they laughed
  • While I stood up, the chair was stuck to me – they rolled and laughed
  • I walked like a duck – they laughed with watery eyes

Then I gave them the small Charlie speech , asked them “What is the most important thing in life”.
With a sad fearful face, one boy replied “studies”, “Eating healthy food”, followed the other. “Our parents”, “God”, “Charlie Chaplin hehe”, “Going to school daily”, “Football”, “first rank in exam” – these were few answers that saddened me . Ananya, a little girl then replied, “Happiness” with a big proud happy smile 🙂 I jumped with joy.. “Wow Ananya, you are right !, Happiness is the most important thing in our life, What ever we do, we should do happily and enjoy doing it. It can be just eating, playing , going to school, even studying / sleeping – do it happily and enjoy doing it.”
“But, Chaplin… (oh , they forgot me as Narmadha aunty and addressed me as Chaplin which I loved that moment ).. What if I lose in my football match ? How can I be happy ? ”
“Think what mistake you made and win the next match dear and be happy :-), this is not the last football in the whole world right, chakooka kibhoocha”, I patted his head..
All kids giggled, few started thinking of their next questions, but I could see that they were getting the answers themselves , there is one answer if you are sad / if you fail – “Find what to do to be happy in next chance”.

After the little gyan, I resumed back to playing Charlie Chaplin funny acts and waved them goodbye. I loved what I heard from their mothers. “mama, I am going to be very happy in my life, and make others happy like Charlie Chaplin”, “mom, I laughed very nicely , I won’t cry hear after for everything” and so on…
I just realised that while we insist on the importance of various things in children’s life, we do not pay so much importance to teach them how to chase happiness instead of facing failures, including me as a parent. So, dear readers – when you meet any young generation, make them happy and teach them to pursue happiness throughout their life 🙂

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  1. Hey…hats off to you…for Your Chaplin surprise…loved your post on your blog…I was literally in tears …I have lost my original self…the post spoke a lot about what I want to b and how I was…jus be happy and make others happy without worrying about others opinions…do what gives you happiness…I can see the amount of happiness you could have gained that day. I jus loved your thoughtfulness…you are defly unique..👍👍

  2. Very sensible and bang on target Narmada…..perfect recipe for Children’s day…
    Becoming children again is fun, full of life , enjoying the life to the fullest while living in the present, and above all divine…..
    Thanks for rekindling our child within….keep up the good work…

    • Wow, what a pleasant good morning this is .. to read your feedback.. thank u 🙂

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