Complexity of simplicity

I met Genah recently. A very interactive person – was the first online call impression. After I met her in person, she was ofcourse interactive, but also “mind her own business” type. Let me clarify : in today’s era of abundance around – abundant topics, abundant people, abundant social media – who minds her / his own business? This is a rare species in existence and Genah was one of this species. It made me curious , introverts being into their zone is a Wikipedia statement. Extrovert who gets into their own zones – that’s complex. Google will be confused too. Then getting to know a little better, Genah appeared to be a simple person. Oh gosh! If there is an extreme other side for simplicity, that would be me. I don’t like to dress simple, eat simple, party simple, movie simple – nothing – My life is ambitious and I want to be creative, influential and high spirited. These traits of ambitious living also have left its bruises on me. So, my admiration towards simple people is quite high, its like “how can she fly without wings, how can you build a castle in one day, how does he have 3 ears :/ “ But somewhere I think there is a beautiful message to pick up for everyone’s life in being simple, but being you. I could see some reflections and introspection, sharing that as next simple seven series. Genah would never talk about herself to preach others, but let me carve out some takeaways I have had :

  1. Contentment is basic need : Whats the point of winning and achieving ambition if there is no destination, and destination gives contentment. Else life is like the candy crush game where you go to next level doing same things with more difficulty but why, uff. So, it is important to teach yourselves to be contented and that’s a blessing.
  2. Grudges burn you than the other person : There used to be an innocent person in me and today I miss her. So much of past, being exploited has ruptured the innocent girl into a stronger lady today. But, I carry grudges and gets disturbed by them. Talking to Genah, I realize how well she articulated that carrying grudge on someone for 2 days can only make you burn yourself inside for 2 months. So, why hate people. Let us live and let live, learn to depart instead of conflicts and grudges. (The butterfly concept I do)
  3. No expectation will give more joy : The minute I stopped expecting gifts from loved ones on birthday, I could feel the simple flowers very special. That applies to life too. If we want life to be this and that, definitely there is pressure to paint the same picture, rather enjoy what surprise each day brings in life. It could be different for each persona – meeting new people, walking around the gardens, meditation , etc
  4. Happiness vs success : I am an ambassador of happiness, how to spread energy joy and find happiness is my motto. Hey, but somewhere I run towards success. Now, this clarity is very important. Do you want to run towards happiness & let success follow or the other way. Again, what will give you contentment makes sense. But much needed introspection.
  5. Find your tribe right : Genah never encouraged single minute where she is not required in the group. When there is going to be a craziness which people might not be happy about later, better leave than feel sorry is her policy. I might not fall into this category exactly but end of the day, we all know which tribe is ours, where we can let our energy spread, and which group we exhaust the energy. Genah might prefer taking a nap at home instead of a negative party. I might prefer dancing by riverside with strangers instead. But, It is important to find your right tribe, and move away to avoid losing the energy.
  6. Inspiration from others : This is a world surrounded by inspirational speeches and great methologies and tools to follow. More than believing in other sources, life has many characters for us to refer. Refer to your own personal inspirations and learn from their failure or success. This gives an attachment to the inspiration as you have met lived and dealt with the person. They can be friends, mentors, spouse, anyone.
  7. Mind your own business : Last but not least – my first aha observation about Genah is that she never entered into the great hot gossips in the network. Gossip has its karma and karma is a boomerang – woah, avoiding this vicious circle and engaging oneself with simpleness is not easy.
  8. The most complex lifestyle that is very hard is achieve in today’s world is simplicity and I am glad I have found inspiration to pick up some tips to detangle life towards simple things. Hope you found the tips useful too

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  1. Wow, so much of life learnings summarised and condensed in lucid and understandable way. Bravo!

  2. Like the new series. In the world where people want to live in metro city, experience atrocity , uncovering the complexity of simplicity seems like a journey to serendipity.

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