Contest for the little bloggers !

This is my 100th blog and I want to make it memorable, what else can make it fun and valuable than involving little children ? So, comes the contest for little bloggers –
It is interesting to read / tell stories to children. But what makes it more interesting is to get into their world and listen to their own stories. When I ask my son to write a story , he might apply the recent topic at school or fresh funny jokes with his friends – all I have to do is to help him get a structure for the story.
Do you have a little story teller, who can be awesome bloggers soon ? Here you go – Christmas welcoming with the contest for them ! Winners will be announced by New Year and will get featured in Tigressandbutterfly official fb page –
Continue the story in your own imagination :

You have invited your best friend at school for a play date on a Sunday morning. You, your little brother and your school friend are spending a nice fun game, playing at your apartment. Post lunch, all of you are tired and exhausted and mom orders you to take a small nap. You all giggle and talk and sleep. When you wake up, you are shocked to see you are not in your home. It is a different place, wait ! It is a different planet. Orange in colour. Oh ! you brother has a pointed nose and an orange tail and he is with you equally wondering. Where is your friend ? You can hear his voice, but you cannot see him. You keep walking and searching , but all you see is plain orange planet. And there you see finally – a door….

More details on participating in the contest :

  1. It should be totally the child’s imagination – parent can support a little,  do mail the word / pdf file of the story to the mail id : along with a. name of the child  b.age and class of the child (optional) d. city name
  2. Word limit not to exceed 1500 words.
  3. A video of the child narrating the story in his / her style is encouraged. Link can be sent along , when you mail the story.
  4. The gender (he to she) can be changed based on little blogger’s choice .
  5. Add names to people and the planet.
  6. Do follow the blog page –
  7. Visit and like my Facebook page – to get further updates

Tigressandbutterfly is all geared up to witness a new world, learn a lot from the wonderful imagination by your kids. Get set go !
Last date to submit the story is 25th Dec’16

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