Crib side cushions

My little one is 4 months now and she started cycling and trying to move and topple. The corners of the crib are strong wood and might hurt her when she hits. The online stores had awesome pillows to place around however the cost was rs 1000 minimum and I found that’s too much but still I wanted one.
That’s when my creative mommy mind striked on making one myself. Raw materials ? IMG_2129.jpg
With nice designs? Hmm well , my elder son has some nice t shirts which do not fit him now but those are his favourites so he keep them safe. I chose the bright coloured ones as raw materials, cut the arms , made them of same size and joined each together . To keep them stif I used a cardboard inside each through the neck open. The final touches clicked high when I placed those soft toys too 🙂
IMG_2131.jpgTowards both corners are tiny dresses of my daughter to hold smaller toys . And she is just loving the new ambience to her crib 🙂
As an ad on, I stitched the bottom of her new born best and using it to keep diapers and towels so that it’s comfortable to use and doesn’t occupy a space nearby 🙂 Don’t forget to notice the cradle toy made by her brother (blog : Cradle toy ). Aww… the entire set up is hand made !
Now my son enjoy loves his t shirts around and his sister likes the new colourful crib 🙂 Cheers !!!

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