Photo Story #19 Crickettude

Ganesh loved cricket since he was 5 years. Even during class, he will take his pencil and eraser and imagine them as cricket bat and ball and dwell on his cricket world. Very common interest for boys of his age group. But the interest and imagination took a next step , where cricket became his passion.
Teenage is when those little moustache popped out, that is when his first crush smiled at him, that is also when he started playing on bigger cricket grounds. So, it was a game which helped him explore him strength, skills and required attention too 🙂
Engineering or medicine : His parents and uncles seriously debated about his future, and he was dreaming of state tournaments, Ranji trophy , Indian cricket team and so on. “Engineering” was the final decision by his dad, a wise parenting choice thinking of his future. He did become an Engineer. But, he was always a cricketer and is a cricketer.
His weekdays see him with those collared full sleeve formal shirts and trousers, handling meetings and client presentations. His weekend sees him on his sports attire, full of energy and passion , as a cricketer. “Where is this cricket going to help you in life?”, his uncle asked the same bugging question he asked him years back.
Ganesh did not reply, he went to bowl on the next over. The love for your favourite sport doesn’t need a destination to take you to. It doesn’t have to make money for you. Cricket doesn’t have to give promotions to you. It gives you a feel of power, a passion, a craze, an involvement. To experience it and pursue consistently, you need an extra attitude  , that can be called ‘crickettude’ and that was his reply to his uncle’s question and to everyone asking ‘why play cricket simplyy’ 🙂

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