Culture & Cognition : French Fashion, Indian Tradition

Early this week, in the enchanting city of Paris, I feel privileged to witness a magical event and inspire my 8-year-old daughter. A colleague and I attended the spectacular fashion show titled “I am Nature” by the talented Indian designer Vaishali.

As I entered the Residence of the Indian Ambassador, the air buzzed with excitement and anticipation. It was a great support from Indian Embassy encouraging these rich moments of cultural talents, opening doors. The audience were not only Indians and French but from across the globe in the meeting and greeting mode. I was not completely aware of what to expect especially the enchanting experience of that not just showcased the brilliance of French fashion but also become a bridge connecting everyone to the rich tapestry of Indian tradition.

The runway was a visual symphony, featuring exquisite weaving patterns, vibrant Indian textile materials, and a breathtaking array of colors that seemed to dance in harmony. What caught my attention the most was the designer’s unique inspiration drawn from the iconic Indian saree. Each ensemble gracefully echoed the elegance and femininity of saree’s waves, bringing a piece of India to the heart of Paris.

The international models glided down the runway with an air of confidence, each garment telling a story of cultural fusion while welcoming Spring with these collections. To me, as a culture enthusiast, it was more than just a fashion show; it was a celebration of diversity, an ode to an artistic blend of Indian and French aesthetics. The audience were captivated by the transformative power of fashion, transcending borders and cultural boundaries.

As the show completed, I looked at the pamphlet of information and noticed at the sustainability aspect of the project. Vaishali’s commitment to zero waste of materials was evident in every meticulously crafted piece. The hand-woven fabrics, sourced from skilled artisans in India, not only added an ethical dimension to the fashion industry but also highlighted the craftsmanship rooted in tradition. Oh, what a proud Indian moment for me it was to see this.

The event left each audience with a precious gift – a swatch of fabric from her exquisite creations. It was not just a piece of textile; it was a token of the cultural journey, fashion and creativity that we had witnessed that evening. As I entered my home evening sharing this experience and showing the little gift to my daughter, she was super excited.

Her eyes sparkled with curiosity. As I handed it her, she ran her fingers over the intricate patterns, completely captivated. This sparked conversations about Indian traditions, French fashion, and the beauty of cultural diversity at our home in the evening. My little girl had more questions about the models, their makeup etc which I was certainly not capable of answering haha. My elder one, her brother brought his knowledge from history lessons on various traditions, discovery of textile etc.So, the story of “I am Nature” became a cherished conversation of history, culture and cognition to our family.

And the next day, back to work mode, as a HR leader, when I reflect back, these real-time experiences in various forms bring cultural integration. In organizations, every event organised to bring people together, each engagement is an attempt to create such experiences in various forms.

Thanks to VAISHALI S Couture for this enriching experience and His excellency @indian embassy france for opening doors. You can follow the studio here

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