Cute photo story #16 The mommy's tea

It was a nice weather, post rain. All I wanted was a fresh ginger tea . I went into the kitchen, boiled water, added some aromatic tea leaves, minced ginger well and added juicy pieces to the boiling tea syrup . I was carefully looking for the flavour to come and then added milk enjoying the blend of milk into tea . Finally I added some sugar and started stirring . That final boil and I turned off the stove , filtered it . I searched for my favourite tea mug written ” live every moment ” and poured tea into it. I took it and went to the balcony , looking for mild rain drops , smelling the aroma and my lips got close to my first sip.
I could smell it, not the tea.. Wait.. oh yes ! My child has soiled her pant. I placed the tea cup somewhere and ran to rescue her from getting messed up. Cleaned her and started playing with her. summer-hack-hot-tea-can-cool-you-down-more-than-popsicles.1280x600
After two hours, I just gulped the tea before putting the tea cup for cleaning 🙂 it’s the mommy’s tea !

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