Cute Photo Story 33 : The little girl

They had a tired week. A week full of hectic work schedule and home full of relatives and formalities. All three of them were tired. They wanted to cheer the mood. Out of all the three, the mother was very exhausted and very much tired. They went around the park to lighten up and suddenly the little baby’s father took his phone and turned the selfie camera ON.

The baby was intrigued by the serious faces she saw on the selfie camera. Suddenly, there popped up a big huge smile from behind, like a little girl, like a shining star, like a flower blossom, like a diwali josh, like a nursery ryhme. It was the mother whose smile cheered up the entire family in a gif.

As they were walking back home, the father asked, “how did you change your tiredness so quickly”. With a wink in her eyes, she smiled and continued walking happily. ‘Ofcourse, that is the mommy magic! Anything for the family’ – the father understood 🙂

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