Cute Photo Story #4 The Billa Boy

It was his birthday. All friends and relatives gathered. They were waiting for his entry. The doors opened, and the hero entered. “Wow, he looks like Mahesh babu”, said one uncle. “He looks like Billa”, said the other aunty. “He has a gun in both his pockets”, said a tenth std boy. “He is gonna take the gun and shoot all of us”, said another child.  The crowd kept building up his heroic look. The smiling birthday boy’s eyes searched for his mother and came to her, dragged her to bend down and said, “amma, pant is too loose, adjust it now”. The mother smiled. Everyone around realised that they are supposed to shift their eyes to “KIDS MODE” and enjoy a child as a child. And in few minutes, all got ready to sing “Happy birthday to you… May God bless you little one…”

Author: Narmadha Kamal

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