Cute Photo Story #6 Never alone

That was the most depressing day for the lady. She was under a lot of stress, felt lonely. She did not get an emotional support from any of her people around. All were busy, everyone had their world, no one had time to sit and listen to her troubles. Wiping her tears off, she noticed the clock, it was lunch time. She washed her hands and mixed lunch for her little angel, she called her daughter and started telling her some story to feed her. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks, which she did not bother and tried to focus on feeding her daughter. But, the little bub noticed that muma is not normal. She tried to smile the best she can, so that mum can smile back.
Then she remembered the circus show they had gone last week. While the clown did the hat changing show, she giggled and laughed and enjoyed a lot. Suddenly the little one took few paper plates that was near by and tried acting like a clown and her curious eyes asked “are you happy now mama? “. Forgetting all her stress and trouble, the lady burst into laughter and hugged her daughter. That is when she realised, after becoming a mother, she is never alone.

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