Cute story #23 From diaper bag to camera bag

The last time they came to this river, was thirteen years back. The place had denser trees, water flow was flourishing and a treat to eyes. Their little girl kept their focus totally on her. Mom had to run behind her – feeding , water bottle filling, her nap time, telling her stories . Vacation never gives a break for parenting. 
Today as they saw the river, “wow, awesome”, the princess was excited. She took her phone , “daddy.. I will stand there , click a pic okay” – that was a cute order to her father.  Those days he was carrying her diaper bags and now her camera bag 🙂 he smiled and clicked this pic. 
Mom and dad exchanged a smile which spoke hundreds of unsaid words “the trees have been cut, the water flow minimised but what gives hope to live and progress is their little princess’s smile that makes their life worth living”. 

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