Dedicated to dear Sridevi'S family

It is 4 days since the sad news happened and I have not had a single conversation with anyone without talking about “hey did u hear about Sridevi’S death”.. It’s a national R. I. P moment.

And yes, the first day when they announced that it was a cardiac arrest, those stupid posts on advice for women about not to focus on beauty blah blah. Then when they announced it was accidental drowning even worse comments.
Indeed! When someone chooses the life of a celebrity, they should be prepared to be media friendly and share a part of their life with the fans, people. That’s why they declared the news to us. We, as simple humans should be decent enough not to peep more. The way media zooming on her husband’s expressions, the daughters and all about Arjun Kapoor – poor celebrities have lost their right to cry for a funeral, for the loss of their loved ones too. Because it is just a story for us, a forward message and a lunch table conversation for us. Bloody damn it is a serious life of a family out there!

I once wanted to be a journalist, if this profession is so heartless and dirty to peep into other’s personal life especially in such difficult situations, I am glad I dint pursue this profession.
Did we see the beautiful last face of Sridevi in her favorite saree and bindi? After an autopsy.. When my grandmother (who is the most closest woman to me) passed away, we dressed her up in a similar way, her favorite red saree and bindi and combed her hair. Can we think how heartbreaking moment it will be for the loved ones to dress her like that, knowing that she is no more!??

We have also seen and enjoyed their Mumbai house pics and family moments – I can’t imagine how much they would be depressed to bring the corpse of the lady into the house. Recently a friend passed away in our apartment, the most difficult part was when the family returned after the last ceremony. We (her friends) were in the house to support her mom, sister and husband. But when they entered the empty house, they wanted some space, some time alone, they have lost something that can never be replaced. So we respected that need to be left alone.

As an actress she has given us wonderful movies, she was an excellent artists and have given us nice memories. What else should we demand? Is it a sin to be a celebrity that they don’t even get such a personal space? Or are we greedy monsters in the name of fans to talk rubbish and get involved too personal?

What I really admire is every public gathering, Sridevi’S family stays together. Her husband accompanies her to Tamil events too. Her daughters hold each other’s hands. They might be like every family, having ups and downs. But they are FAMILY. A part of them is lost now, and we gotta respect the lovely family.

In case by any way this blog reaches Kapoor family’s eyes, on behalf of every fan who doesn’t know our limits, let me apologize to the family. We respect the need for privacy and we adore Sridevi and the family a lot. Please ignore the judgemental fans, the aggressive posts and unwanted comments. We are really sorry for your loss. R. I. P

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  1. Such a nice write up….reflected words in my heart….hats off

    • Thanks Vandhana… Good to know we are together to give the family some needed space

  2. Very good article. I absolutely love this site. Continue the good work!


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