Every man is a football 

I love writing about relationships, emotions and values. Being a lady, I focus mostly on women centric topics. Just realised that there is an other gender who is naturally not so explicitly expressive yet most of the emotions ly within them. And honestly most men don’t like being chained up with emotional dramas. So here I pen down my views about a man being a football.. There are no 2 teams kicking him but each player is a different team. Let me take the men in my life :

every man is a football

  1. My father : any girl is dad’s little princess . Of course I want to be his closest girl always
  2. My husband : we are life partners . Of course I want to be his closest lady always
  3. My Son : he is part of me and I am privileged to have brought him into this world.Of course I want to be his closest lady always
  4. My brother : it’s a special bonding between siblings and Of course I want to be his closest girl always
  5. My friend : I am little flexible here , I do not demand to be his closest however deep inside there is a pride that I know his personal secrets and hence I am closest to him
  6. As a manager at office, the commitment expected from a male employee is definitely bit higher. ( we have articles on working moms balancing life not on working dads balancing life ) Of course work has to be his top priority

Apart from the above, in a bigger family circle, every guy has a set of responsibilities.

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Now when I see these 7 men in my life I feel WOW!! But when I think of a single guy facing above women in his life, who are of course lovely but possessive and throws expectation on him, OMG what will this poor soul do ? The same guy is expected to be a great husband, a lovely brother, the coolest father, a responsible son, a dedicated employee and more and more. Whoever does a goal, it’s this poor football who gets kicked !
So based on the scenario and circumstances, a man chooses his priority , he knows he hurts the other relationship but he has no choice ! And sometimes he knows that is the best !
Example : My dad always kept me number 1 in his life until my wedding, now after his 50s, he knows that his life partner needs more attention and priority . Also he has to let me little out so that I should focus on my family not comforting on my father’s arms always !
Just like thi

s, each time some men act wise ,some go unbalanced , some go stressed out, some go crazy and some untags everyone and starts following a passion connecting himself with a different world with no emotions .
So, as ladies let us appreciate the fact that we are blessed to have these men around us , however let us also be kind enough to give them the space to enjoy all their relationship according to their lifecycle . Trust me , you might be a daughter , mother, sister, friend – whoever u r, you are an Angel to his heart ! So let the Angels not play football with him 🙂

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