Extrovert doesn't mean 'Sex'trovert

“Ah, she looks like a nerd, I don’t think we can click on her .. dude”
“I am sure she is gonna be an easy wicket if you try, she is such a chatterbox and very friendly”
“Look at her, such an introvert and serious one ! You sure will get a slap if you hit on her”
“C’mon re, I think she mentioned she is ‘fun-loving’, dint you get the hint? Go on, show her some fun”

Aint the above dialogues so annoying to read ? If readers feel annoying, imagine how the actual girls in different scenarios mentioned would feel ? Annoyed to the core? Irritated ? Angry ? Arrogant? What not ? This is something we face in day to day life.
Right ! Being judgemental is common to both genders and any human will get annoyed if it is a wrong judgement. But, what is the topic today is about “bubbly” girls. When I say ‘bubbly’ did you mind think of cheerful, happy, friendly, sportive independent woman in picture ? Or “Chubby cheeks, cute smiles, pink lips, attractive figure, twinkle in her eyes, eating ice cream, laughing at all your jokes” ? Which one did your mind imagine first ?
If you had got the latter type of “bubbly” in your mind, then do you understand where the mistake is ? The pervert is inside your head while the actual “bubbly” girl is blamed for any harassment she faces.

Now, the reason I am writing such an article with many emotions is because I recently happened to have a conversation with a city based school girl, who felt very depressed because, she is an achiever, good on academics, participates in all cultural, wins medals, and very talkative too. One of the recent high school get together, she had an argument with a boy, where he mentioned, “arey, dont we know you ? Always showing your teeth to everyone and making moves while talking and getting number one always. You are such an easy target for any guy to achieve” and she got torn apart. She was undergoing a depressive state of life. She had lost all her confidence in life while she was talking to me.
How many of you know ‘such’ girls and “SUCH” boys who use judgemental terms to cover up their jealousy ? Another day, when I myself faced trouble in office, one of my close friend said, “if you keep being jovial with people like this, then this is what will happen” and I felt really bad about the comment. A true friend should have stood by me, consoling me saying that the other fellow is an idiot, rather the comment was easily thrown on me.
Look at the below image , is there a gender based difference / a mention about the wrong thoughts in below list ? How interesting and positive it is to read the qualities of an extrovert.
But Why ? Why should we carry the stress about editing our characteristics while the error code lies on the other side? Any ‘wrong’ comment hurts but this one is the topper in the list. An extrovert nature, friendly talks, being always energetic  – doesn’t mean they are ok for a sexual progress.

On such cases the extrovert female should take the boldness part of the character and show how strong she really is. While you have the tendency to extend support and smile to help others, you can take the right to express the angry woman inside you. Ofcourse we cannot change others, but we can scare them off by showing the arrogance inside a charming personality.  We extroverts are used to be so nice to everyone and during such situations, we feel hurt but we dont want to be “not nice” to others. Trust me,it doesn’t hurt us when we show our anger or keep a full stop. And we dont have to please everyone, especially these idiots who pull down our energy. Be rude to those who deserve it !

So, as always chin up ladies, and yeah – don’t out that smile down but bring in the serious look, the angry eyebrows and the tigress in you. Let the ‘error coded’ humans know that Extroverts doesn’t mean Sextroverts.

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  2. Can I simply just say what a comfort to find somebody that genuinely knows what they’re discussing over the internet. You actually realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I can’t believe you’re not more popular given that you most certainly have the gift.

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