Finish line in a lady's life 

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Alarm plays “breezy” tone to wake me up, after couple of snoozes, I decide to wake up and that’s when I realize I have an early meeting at office by 9 AM, aiming 9 AM as my Finish Line, I start brushing, actually rushing to get ready, making my kid ready to school, packing lunch, having breakfast, grooming myself uff ! Yes, Driving in the traffic – the biggest task of all, I managed to be on time for this important meeting, heart smiled like “yippiee, I reached the finish line” , that’s when I remembered about the 11.30 AM Deliverable I have to submit to the client, multi-tasking during my meeting and skipping my tea breaks, I managed to complete the deliverable and mailed, when I clicked ‘SEND’ , again my heart smiled “yippiee, I reached the finish line” ! Oh that’s when the date strike my mind and it’s my best friend’s birthday. Oh, she will be waiting for me to wish! When I hanged up the call after chatting with her happily, my heart again smiled “yippiee, I reached the finish line”!Oops, something is disturbing me, hmm oh yes, it’s the nature’s call… Life is too busy to focus on these too… So, you know what my heart said when I was out from the rest room
Seems it’s raining outside, uff, clothes are drying out in the balcony, oh my son’s uniform too… I had to call my neighbor asking her to help out, when she called me back confirming that it’s done, “yippiee, I reached the finish line”
Then ran my life for the rest of the meetings and mails, rushing for the 5.45 pm bus and when I got a seat in office bus that’s better for me to nap, again sleepy heart said “yippiee, I reached the finish line”
Each cell in my body wants to rest and as I open the door after picking my little one, each task comes one by one – folding clothes, snacks time, play time, homework time, dinner time, sleep time for the kid and each one is a finish line.
When I really complete the day going for nap, I set my alarm to start my next day, I realize there is NO FINISH LINE in a woman’s life!
Each little task she does: she races, hurries, sweats, but enjoys, as she is the only Angel to run on her race court, sky as the limit to achieve the task with a smile and create positive energy, cheer and applause around. With that realization I am again putting a smile on my face and as I wind up this blog, my heart says “yippiee, I reached the finish line”

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  1. Every word spills the truth….
    Beauty of womanhood is to remember that we only remember “the finish line” that ends with a smile😊 and a beautiful memory🌹that will warm out hearts when there will be no “finish lines”
    Keep up the good work 👍

  2. Nicely narrated … although its true for men as well 🙂 have a great time madam … and TC.

  3. Finish line.. I adore and I admire this article but I only disagreed the word finish line. For women if one job is done, then that is the point she needs to start some other job. She is the only creature in the world who can handle multi tasking and also sinks and sails in multi emotions. Her finish line must be defined as as start tag for the next job. Narmi.. U have entered into the next era of thought provoking ladies.. I meant not only doing jobs but also justifying it to the world.. I welcome u “Vaadi Rasathi”…

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