Birthdays – A day which comes once a year to celebrate your existence in this beautiful world but have you ever wondered what birthday meant to you during your childhood? No worries if you don’t remember I’m here to take you back to the memory lane filled with memories of what you did for your birthday and what I did on my birthday.
As a kid and even now as a teenager I’m a person who gets excited over this day and I wait for a whole year for this day because it’s a day for myself and it’s a day when I feel like the whole world is revolving around me. So when I was a kid during my kindergarten days or my elementary school days birthday was different as a generation-z kid. It was when I started counting the days for my birthday.

When birthdays come it was not like what it is today. I had nobody who wished me at midnight and I guess it was the same for almost all of us. In the morning I get up early and it’s a tradition that we had to go to a temple or church according to our religion so that god almighty blesses us with an ample amount of happiness. The chocolates, I guess I forgot to tell you about that. I used to buy a bunch of chocolates and I’d save up the bar chocolates for the teachers and some of my best friends. I used to hide them in my bag so that no one else takes them as it was meant for the special ones. Delicious food adds up when it’s your birthday and it’ll always be your favorite dish.

As soon as I go to school I’ll be transformed into a celebrity kid wearing her color dress while others wear the uniform. It would feel like I’m the center of attraction. The most embarrassing part during birthdays is when teachers make us stand in the portico and the whole school sings the birthday song. I’ve always waited for the 2 minutes to get over as soon as possible because the 2 minutes will feel like 2 years. During breaks, there would always be a person who would be eagerly waiting to join me to distribute the chocolates to the whole school and it was the most memorable part too. No matter whose birthday it is, the whole class would be eagerly waiting for the birthday kid to choose him/her so that they would get the opportunity to accompany that person and if he/she is chosen we feel like we are the luckiest person in the whole world. It might seem funny and lame but this was the actual reality.

As soon as the school gets over the excitement for the evening birthday party rejuvenates. For the evening birthday party, we wear new clothes and it would not be a themed party like nowadays, it was a simple party with street friends and relatives where we play games, cut the cake which is filled with cream and not like the ones now with frosting. Simple things made us happy and we were not fond of taking pictures instead we created more memories. The best part about birthdays is gifts. I’m pretty sure that as a generation-z kid we all received a toy which was as big as us and we kept names for it and cuddled with it all day long and unfortunately, now all the toys are dozing in our attic lonely. Going to a restaurant on my birthday was a given thing and it’s still the same and hasn’t changed over the years.

Birthdays as a kid were very simple but we still cherish those moments. Little things made us happier. We didn’t worry about what if no-one calls me at 12 am or what would they think if I wear this dress and what I should post on my social media on my birthday. I hope this blog made you realize how much we have grown and how much the circumstance around us has evolved and how we stopped appreciating the little things in life. I hope after reading this blog you start appreciating the little things in life and live in the moment. Stay tuned for the next blog until then enjoy the little things in your life.


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