GET READY LADY Interview Series : Phani talks about his 'Poorna' lady Harini

#book #workingmother #getreadylady #interview #workingwoman  GET READY LADY is a self help, motivational book for women joining work after a career break. For any successful working mother, her husband is the biggest support system ! Behind every such woman, there is an encouraging husband, who is able to live her passion together. GET READY to experience the #interviewseries as part of the BOOK PROMO !

Every husband sees his better half as a loving wife, caring mother. What Phani sees in his better half Harini,  along with her beautiful motherhood , he also sees the passionate career-loving woman in her. When she sows a seed of ambition, he nurtures the seed with his love and support, helping her achieve her ambition. While most couple think that being together in each other’s life 100% makes a perfect couple, the fact is “there needs a 1% personal space to allow each other to be independent”. This also helps respect for each other. Such a complimenting couple, who love each other crazily, who respect each other lovingly is Mr & Mrs Phani. Here from him talking about his Poorna wife below –

8 April Harini final.png
Pls enjoy the video trailer of the book @

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