GET READY LADY Interview Series : Rajeev talks about his Multi-Talented wife Ruchi,Associate Consultant, Globallogic

#book #workingmother #getreadylady #interview #workingwoman  GET READY LADY is a self help, motivational book for women joining work after a career break. For any successful working mother, her husband is the biggest support system ! Behind every such woman, there is an encouraging husband, who is able to live her passion together. GET READY to experience the #interviewseries as part of the BOOK PROMO !

This family is an example of “simple and cute”. He says Ruchi has a “Never Give Up” attitude, what we saw during the interview was the passion in Rajeev, he was the one who ensures “Never Give Up on supporting your wife”. As we have our conversation about this interview, Ruchi was on an official call and their little daughter Drisha woke up from sleep. “Could you pls excuse me?” Rajeev rushed into the baby room, sang such a sweet lullaby in a tone that won’t disturb Ruchi’s office call. He put her back to sleep and continued the interview. It was poetic to watch. What could I write about ? The dad & daughter love! The passionate multi-tasking mother! The understanding between this couple ! What not ?! You can witness the bond from the interview –

28 March Ruchi
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