Grow without Growing

Do you want to grow up in career ladder ? Social status ? People looking up to you and being a successful person in life ? – YES all of us want to ! I can feel the readers saying yes so strong and powerful and loud.

Do you want NOT to grow old , NOT to miss the list : silly jokes, simple joy in everyday’s life, the crazy friends, being mad in love, gulping chocolates, dancing in rain, playing pranks, screaming fan moment in FDFS for a superstar movie ? – I believe you said YES with a reduced tone. “Well, yes, I want to..wish I dint grow old. But that’s nature , age gets added so the impacts happen”, said a lot of nice people who disagreed with me on not growing. “Your logic doesn’t make sense, how can an adult in 30s, in 40s, as a responsible breadwinner / home maker / employee/ business magnet, who is not in teenage, and filled with a role and designation with social status behave just light and easy as you like ?”, Replied some closed ones kicking me as I was humming “ulare epodhum ullaala ulaala” .

Then when I wear my analyst hat, the comparative study made me realise the difference. While the first tone of Yes , if growing up in career and life has strong YES which has “success” associated with it, then the “don’t grow up” YES w.r.t bringing the child within you alive always is associated with something much more important in life – ” Happiness”

And the common mistake most of us do in life is running behind success (which is good) leaving the engine of happiness away. We get “poise” and wear the mask of a different person we think others want us to be. We slowly forget the original one within and make the mask to represent the beauty ! While this whole experience might be working well on list of things to “grow up the ladder and status” , happiness is intense. According to me, happiness is much more difficult than success.

Work hard , bring the best productivity. Build resilience, look for oppurtunities, establish your kingdom, learn, keep yourself updated – these are essential for the growth – the success. Be clear on your path. At the same time, don’t let your best version expire.

Buying a house makes our social status successful, but living happy in that house is actual meaning to it.

A quick exercise : list the top ten things in life which will make you happy , parallely top ten things/skills in life which will make you successful . The making of this list, the time taken for both list, the struggle – this will explain you more on your success and happiness.

Success is important, certain traits /maturity is necessary and it comes natural. But being adament to be a child and to be happy is way tough task ! Give a try 🙂

Kannaa… this is thalaivar’s birthday. In case you are wondering who is Thalaivar, there is one sun, one moon, one earth, one Rajnikanth and on his birthday one fan of his is happy to announce the title of her next book “Get ready to be Happy” ( Tagline : Happiness is a choice you make)

Humming ulare epodhum ullaala ulaala … 🙂

Grow up ,but don’t grow up !

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  1. Well said 👍🏼

  2. It’s inspiring.

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