International Women’s Day – Thought from a Woman

I have always thought what is the need for such a day? why Women’s day is more celebrated than Men’s day. In fact, I was not even aware of the fact that such a day does exist for men until last year. Is it only women who struggle all throughout and men do not. The Answer must be No. Every woman has a hero in her life and in most of the cases, it will be the father.  I once attended a program at my office with a closed group of colleagues where I had to share something of my past and how that was different than my current. Unknowingly I spoke a lot about how my Father strived to give the best for me. I did a mini version of the same exercise with my team girls and I must say every girl spoke about their father and it turned out to be an emotional day for all of us. That says it all, it is not only women but also men who do their best for their own family.

Then why women’s day is spoken a lot. Where does all this difference start from?

To me, this starts from home and mainly from another woman. We (predominantly Indian mothers) keep saying – Boys does not have to cook, clean, wash, and dry clothes, may not do grocery shopping and mothers miserably fail by not teaching their son these life skills. Of course, as I write I feel the stereotype here – is it only a mother’s responsibility to teach these? No, it is a combined responsibility for both the parents. On the contrary, the same mother brings up their girls saying you should learn all these to have a peaceful life after your marriage with no complaints. There starts the discrimination and home is the first place which should see the change and try to implement the change. Mothers and Fathers of the current generation please consciously bring this change. Treat all your offspring with the same mindset, be it a boy or girl they should know basic life skills. A man who could be the best son, brother, and father can also be the best husband if he is taught the girl who becomes his wife is also the same as the other women in his life. They are no different any day. If a family understands this, we don’t need a special day to celebrate women, every day is a women’s day.

Does that solve the problem, absolutely not?

There is a huge world waiting outside Home which holds the same rather more responsibility to eliminate this discrimination. Be it workplace or anywhere in the world women face hell a lot of numerous problems both Physically and Mentally. Always there comes a comment – being a girl you cannot do this. Maybe a girl cannot do it because of many reasons but there is no need to imbibe it in the thoughts from the day she steps out to see the world. No one says being a man you cannot deliver a baby and call it a weakness but acknowledge it as a known fact. Likewise, there can be many things that girls cannot do because of how nature has made them, but we don’t have to call out such weakness and make girls weaker. Instead, talk about their strengths and make them feel stronger. After all, girls need that motivation from their loved ones. There are many girls who goes on a trek on the first day of periods while there are many girls who choose to sit at home because of the their periods cramp. But you cannot call those girls the weaker sex, rather it is your responsibility to embrace the weakness and motivate them during such times. Be it in the workplace or anywhere, we as a woman should standby another woman to support and motivate their weakness. Workplace and society are the second home for anyone and of course, it’s the same for any woman too. If we attempt to make it a happy and safe place, then we don’t need a special day for women Every day is a women’s day.

Last but not the least,

Forget the hate comments and the judgmental looks that degrade you.

Put under your feet all the comments made on your outward appearance and walk over it with a charm on your face. Let yourselves and the other women around you embrace their beauty in their own way. Stop commenting on their complexion, size, height, and weight. Every girl deserves the best world to live and being a woman, it is your responsibility to give a better world to another woman. Stop falling for the unwanted discount sale which the market gives on cosmetics products, size reduction ads, skin glow treatments on this special day – they are not doing any good to you, rather they are making you even weaker. No one is perfect, admire the real you. Raise your standards, embrace what nature has given you – you look beautiful the way you are.

Walk with your heads up to see the beautiful world which is waiting to receive you for what you are, ignore all the sarcastic and negative hearts around you.

Be proud as a woman and make another woman to also feel proud. If you don’t stand for yourself no one can make you stand straight. Start to celebrate every day as a day for you and every day can be as special as an International Women’s day.

Written by,

A mom who was searching all over the internet to brighten up her daughter’s complexion and finally understood that her daughter is a god’s gift and true beauty in whatever way she is. Love you Navya baby to the moon and back. You are my inspiration any day 😊

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  1. wow Sangeetha! very true!

    • Thank you Plabita.

  2. So amazingly you have penned down the essence of women’s day. It’s high time that women accept themselves just the way we are and each one of us have the power to set our own standards and not be succumbed to the standards that the society has set since ages.

    • Thank you Priyanka.

  3. Beautifully and casually expressed! Loved it. Navya is of course a beautiful gift for you Sangee !

  4. so beautifully expressed all points related to women…I have learnt a lot from ur article…Keep it up….Navya is blessed to have such a beautiful soul daughter

  5. Bang on Sangeetha…. Change has to start from our homes. Loved it.

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