Everyone visualizes whether they know it or not. Visualizing is the greatest secret of success.

Law of attraction – A term with which every minute thing in your life and the universe is happening. Can you believe it? Yes, simply put, the law of attraction is the potential to entice whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.

All the thoughts in your mind’s eye turn into aspects you confront in your life eventually. Doesn’t matter if it’s a negative doom or the feeling of euphoria. Every thought of yours has a distinct frequency and when that thought of yours radiates in the universe, it tends to attract things related to it. It follows the quote – thoughts become things.

Law of attraction, known by many but followed by few is a piece of art I must say. Sometimes, even if we know about it we incline to leave our emotions unchecked which draws in more undesirable events in our life. The great Buddha was the first person to coin the law of attraction by quoting – what you have become is what you have thought and over the centuries it came to an understanding that be it resentment, prosperity, or hatred, it ultimately finds its way back to you.

The Law of attraction has been popularized by books and in films such as Secret. Although it’s perceived as pseudoscience there are many notable supporters like Oprah Winfrey. The law of attraction has three main laws which are :
• Like attracts like: It says that identical things attract one another and it also says that people’s thoughts tend to attract similar outcomes.
• Nature abhors a vacuum: This law explains that eliminating pessimistic things and thoughts from your life can make way for optimistic things in life.
• The present is always perfect: This law is my utmost favorite, it says that there are always things that you can enhance in the existing juncture and that delving in the past and thinking about the future just makes your present miserable to live in.

Being grateful, visualizing your dreams happening, and practicing optimistic affirmations every day can boost the likelihood of having a positive attitude in life which bestows promising results.

Practicing the law of attraction brings a positive effect in life as we tend to look at constructive things and we tend to seize the opportunities and take more chances in life. When we start thinking of giving up and think on the negative viewpoints of life we act in ways that undermine our chances of happiness.

When I started practicing the law of attraction I started seeing changes in my own life too. I started becoming more efficient which made me feel at ease. I started waking up and think about the things that I’m grateful for and write them down. Being a happy person makes you attract enormous happiness and more prosperity in life.

We start to introspect ourselves and start to cherish ourselves more when we practice the law of attraction. Thinking about what will others feel will vanish into thin air as you understand that you are the person who is formulating things in your life and that your life is a blank canvas that you write every day by yourself.

What you sow so shall you reap is the best sign of the law of attraction. Think of positive things and attract positive things in life for your own happiness. Always remember that you are the architect of your life and you are accountable for whatever is transpiring in your life. Try to acknowledge things the way they are and try to look at what you can alter to make them better. I hope this helped you. Take care and smile because you are worthy of everything in life that makes you happy.

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