Let it Go ! Its also LOVE

  •  After that busy week, Friday evening I ran home “no mobiles, no calls, it is only with him” – I was determined. As I entered, he was ready wearing his gloves, with his cricket bat and ball, ready to play. momI asked him, come soon dear, mom wants to play with u. “Its Fridayyy mom, Me and Shrujan had planned already, I will come only for dinner”, he ran away. I frowned, sat on sofa upset. Then I realised , he is not the toddler baby who comes running once mom enters home. All that toddler baby wanted was mommy to shower him with kisses. Now he is growing up and all he wants from mommy now is “Letting him go” into his childhood world. Fair enough. I smiled & continued … 
  • That project was the best phase in my career. The initiatives I started, the achievements we made, appreciations received – It was growth. My short term goal, long term aim – everything was around that project. One fine day, things changed , I had to take a transfer , get released form the project. Was not easy to accept the change and move on. Still I had to. Taking back all my competencies and learnings, I moved on… 
  • We were best friends since childhood. We shared every secret, we called ourselves soulfriends and never depart. College and marriage became reasons, onsite became a fact. Now we hardly talk once a year. But, yes, we moved on..
  • love.jpgI keep expecting the same each day from him. I keep fighting with him for not meeting the expectations. I crib, I compare, I frown and then I compromise. But, at one point of time, I know that that is HIM. He has a different way of expressing. Still feel that madness on him.. Love him loads.. I let my expectations go.. and accept the way he is…
  • Letting-go.jpgWe have those new friends in life, we wish we become besties, we wish we become close buddies.. We wish we go on trips, explore places, crack jokes and chill out. We realize that we are not in college anymore and now bombarded with many responsibilities and we let the special friendship go…

All these above are our little kites of LOVE… the purpose of a kite is to fly.. for which we have to LET IT GO ! Even though these kites of love fly away,  far away from us.. they are always our little kites..
Keep loving ! Let it go !
Because you know it is your LOVE !

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  1. Hey Narmadha, just a quick feedback. I opened the blog post after seeing the update in facebook. But the readability of the post turned me off. Basically, the left side image occupies too much space thereby leaving the reader with very little screen space.
    Since, your content is good, I will still go ahead and read the post, but I just wanted you to know. I believe honest feedback will help in raising the standards.

    • Sure thanks lemme correct the format tomorrow! Do share ur feedback on post once u read 🙂

  2. What an awesome post. The first point is of importance to me at the moment, as I have a kindergarten going son. It’s very true, the changes especially with kids are so fast that we will be left wondering how the time flew away so fast. It also makes me sad that my son too will undergo a similar transformation from a toddler. But yeah, I have to learn to let go too 🙂
    You beautifully summed the entire post with these words.
    “All these above are our little kites of LOVE… the purpose of a kite is to fly.. for which we have to LET IT GO ! Even though these kites of love fly away, far away from us.. they are always our little kites..”
    I loved them. It’s true, we have to let it go. Thank you for this post, keep writing.

    • Very happy to see the comments 🙂 thank u.. happy parenting !

      • You’re welcome and happy parenting to you too…

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