Lockdown Lovestory #2: Care in Marriage – Life of Mr.Sellapillai & Mrs.Dharani

Caring is one of the ways to express our love. In a healthy relationship and marriage, caring is the first thing by the partner.. Thus plays the greatest role in relationship. Being a caring person means that the person understands pain and low feeling of the person. Showing kindness and benevolent to the partner let’s to good and positive environment, where the couple feels beloved. Putting efforts, energy, desire and love behind whatever you feel is important to the future goals.

A newly married couple, shares their experience and how they were excited to answer the questions related to care. This book is NOT – a self-help book on how to be happy in marriage – a book that talks about how to make your marriage perfect – even a manual on successful marriage So what is this book all about then? It is your friend, who reassures you, that a marriage can be blissful, despite its flaws, and, ups and downs. And this book comprises lots a love and emotions enhanced in marriage.

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