Lovable Idiot & his twinkle lady

Couple of days more for their special day to come ! Just like any lady, this sweet little girl is also full of twinkle in her eyes expecting and guessing how nice their special day is gonna be. Just like any pranky guy, he wanted to trouble her before showering the surprises.
Dear , pack your things and we r leaving to my native place temple to get blessed on our special day”, he ordered her with love. She was shocked for a while.” Err.. Hmm.. That’s a surprise honey , how about somewhere else ? And while returning we go to your native ?”, she tried being casual .
“No no , the plan is done, pls don’t disappoint me dear”, he responded in a tone that she cannot refuse. “See, I have many Pooja things in this big box that has to be given to the temple, how nice will it be when we do this on our day”.  Trying to hide that disappointment in her eyes , she silently got ready. That twinkle was missing in her eyes.
They called few of her friends to join them so their travel was also not alone. On the way, they visited many other temples as well and she was almost heart frozen. Finally it was their native place and he dint stop the car. He drove and drove across. She asked with excitement ” oh why dint u stop ? ” ” we r going to my uncle’s place next town and then freshen up before we come here” . Controlling her tears she slept off and when she woke up, she saw the board saying “Kodaikanal” . She gave him one nice lovely punch . Still she was clueless why he took the friends with them. He had booked couple of rooms in the resort , oh thankfully .
Yes, it was 12 and first gift was Titan couple watches from their friends who didn’t bother to leave them alone. After cake cutting , they danced, partied and had fun. Then he blindfolded her, asked her to open the big box and guess what is inside. The twinkle came back to her blindfolded eyes. She opened the box and touched it.. She could feel many many carry bags. She opened one and felt it. It was some cloth. She opened next and it was a cloth again. She then opened her eyes and was thrilled out of excitement to the core. It was a bag full of sarees. Wait !
A bag full of sarees of different colours and each of different materials like silk, cotton, garden, Mysore silk etc . Count the sarees. There were 25. See the bills : each saree from a different shop . Any guy reading this blog will understand how tough is to buy even one saree for his lover. Buying 25 sarees from 25 different shops that too in 25 different colours with different materials . Can any of you imagine doing it ?
Yes he had planned it because saree would be a perfect gift for any woman especially a teacher. And why 25? That’s the special day since it’s their 25th wedding anniversary . The friends who joined them are their children and grand children . Oh yeah ! Am the daughter  of this romantic couple 🙂 we danced and partied on their wedding anniversary , returned back with such sweet memories and the greatest take away that there is no age limit to enjoy love life irrespective of age! And that’s the way we enjoy life and celebrate being with your better half always !
Keep enjoying love , stay blessed !
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