Mahabharata and Leadership

5 Seats of Power – The moment I read the title of this workshop, it jerked me a bit. Looks like some Parliament seat and political power. And the flyer of the workshop said, it is Leadership workshop. Then I paused for a minute and smiled. Yes, parliament has many leadership traits and few clash with organizational power too. With curiousity, I entered the workshop after completing a pre assessment which they said will use to create the “pandava” profile. Well, I have insta profile. fb profile, linkedin profile.. one more pandava profile … big deal.. I thought. 
While the facilitator Mr Naresh started the workshop and briefed us about the flow, we understood that they will start with Navarasas ( the 9 emotions) and importance to emote them right . Then a reverse life cycle activity happened, which was emotionally painful made all the participants strongly introspect on the purpose of life. Post lunch is when we got introduced to the 5 heroes. The Pandava princes. Do we resemble just one pandava prince or is the ratio of resemblance high with one of them ? How to balance them and fine tune your leadership styles better ? How is Arjuna the top of all other 4 princes? The shadow side and positive side of each prince and each emotion.

The series of activities helped us to reflext on above questions and they gave enough time to think deep. Networking ,yoga and Inter learning through discussions were ad-ons for the two days workshop.

Let me list the Simple seven tips learnt on Leadership through this workshop : 

• Shantham is not necessarily”peace” It is acceprance and equanimity

 • Carry your Administration skills like Yudhistra ,the King 

• Act upon the tasks with the aim to deliver it , like Bhima 

• Stakeholder management and Interpersonal skills stay longer if we learn avout Nakula 

• To understand analytical ability and research thinking, you read more about Sahadeva  

• While all the above are required leadership skills, Arjuna brings “acceptance” .

Attend this workshop where you have subject matter experts who will guide you understand your style and intensity and how can you embed Arjuna’s maturity in your leadership style. Indeed the facilties are Krishna Bhagvans 

 • While we run in a world of positivity and possibility, this workshop truly teaches the importance of ‘pausitivity’
Let me leave the readers with the quest to know more details about our epic and most importantly attend the workshop to get a surgical analysis of who you are and how you can apply these concepts best within. 
Quinnergy is the training provider company and 5 Seats of Power is the workshop name. Why are you scrolling down? Register NOW:)

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